Intro To Studio Lighting Class By Douglas Sonders


Perfect for those that took my into to DSLR photography class as well as my regular readers!

Shoot a lot of natural light photos but want to know how to effectively shoot with off-camera flashes like the big dogs without breaking the bank? I’ll show you that you do not need a lot of expensive gear to create some of the most dynamic photos you have ever captured with flashes. I promise you will walk out my workshops a better shooter. We will also discuss gear choice, interacting with a portrait subjects, and creative techniques.

What do you need? Just bring your DSLR camera with hotshoe flash mount, some lenses, a memory card, and an open mind to learning. Upon signing-up, you will receive a follow-up email with details. We will be trying out some shooting in studio and putting things into practice. You will leave my class with the knowledge of taking photos with flashes in a variety of styles and techniques including dynamic portraits of individuals and groups indoors, as well as how to photograph people with off camera flashes outdoors.

Planning on having the class Sunday April 21, 2013. Class will be about 4 hours, starting at 11am.

This will be a smaller class. Only a limited number of seats so you can get more hand-on interaction!




That’s me, that little guy on the left, teaching a packed house of folks about lighting at Photoshop World

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