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My Camera Maker, Phase One, Loves Me (Birthday Edition)!


Over the weekend, I turned another year older. Hard to imagine, but despite my antics, I have survived to live another year. Coincidentally, the Phase One worldwide team was in town here in Washington DC as well as the US distributor and retailer of digital format systems, Digital Transitions (they sold me my Phase One digital camera system) for the Phase One World Tour. After the event last Friday, the Phase One team joined my friends for some drinks at my favorite local Irish Pub. To my surprise, they presented me with a really nice custom birthday card (see above)!

It’s been about a year since I started my relationship with Phase One and it has been really fantastic. Not only do I have the pleasure of shooting with the world’s best camera system, but they’ve helped share my work with the world. What a brilliant, friendly, and awesome group of people. They are truly leading the way in medium format digital photography.



It’s A Wrap! Was A Great Lighting Workshop In DC This Weekend!


Great intro to studio lighting class today in the Washington DC area! Thanks to everyone that came out and collaborated. We discussed the fundamentals of portrait lighting, light modifiers, shaping light, and telling a story with light. I will be doing more classes in a city near you in the future!

Visiting DC Schools With My Rescued Pitbull, Emma


Emma, my rescued Pitbull mix, and I got to visit a 4th grade class at Hendley Elementary in SE Washington DC to teach the kids about dog rescue and that Pitbulls deserve love and care (and not meant to be fighters). I was so proud of Emma. She was a perfect lady and the kids did a great job asking her to do cool dog tricks for treats. We had a blast. Thank you for the great pics Mike Dugan! With the support of the Washington DC Humane Society, Emma and I will be touring more schools to spread the word!


What My Last Two Weeks Have Been Like (Hint: zoom, vroom, brrrr, whoosh)

First of all, apologies for the few blog posts the past month. It has been a wild and diverse 2013 so far! In the past two weeks alone I shot a magazine cover in pittsburgh, taught photography to 250 people in DC (taught over 600 folks in the month of January), filmed a TV ad and in Montana, interviewed and filmed and sped around with Jay Leno in LA, and finished the second week off by being President Clinton’s photographer in DC, following him around for the day. Wild and surreal is all I can say. Wild and surreal. My career sure has become a diverse crazy adventure! What an awesome start to 2013.

I can’t say much about any of the individual filming/photography projects that I listed above, but be prepared for some awesome projects and behind the scene content that will be released on this site soon. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy some of my behind the scenes photos from the road:


My LA production team filming Jay Leno in his garage (He has an epic car collection if you didn’t know).
Picking my Emma up from the dog hotel. We missed each other! My “killer” pitbull. Haha.
Snowy day in Red Lodge Montana.
Street legal rally racer with a 400+ horsepower Corvette engine and rally race suspension. What a ride.
Our Red Scarlet filming sunset in Montana
Filming the Crash Boom Bang concert at DC’s 930 club with multiple Red Cameras. This Epic is on a jib on the upper balcony.
My beloved Phase One
Spending the day with President Clinton
Probably the most epic photo ever taken of my business partner Nick (in 8112 Studios) and me. Jay Leno taking us for a drive in his steam car.



My New Intro To DSLR Photography Class Is Now Being Offered

YouTube Direkt

My special photography class that living social approached me to do at their new 918 F St building once again is now available!

Check out the video & class info at the following link. Ill be doing classes during the weekends in January 2013: https://www.livingsocial.com/events/541478-3-hour-photography-class


My Next Studio / Flash Lighting Workshop Is Coming To DC This Saturday

Shoot a lot of natural light photos but want to know how to effectively shoot with off-camera flashes like the big dogs without breaking the bank? I’ll show you that you do not need a lot of expensive gear to create some of the most dynamic photos you have ever captured.

Learn more CLICK HERE