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Monday Moment Of Zen – Goats Screaming Like Humans

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.49.22 AM

I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile…

Monday Moment Of Zen – Dragon Baby

Screen Shot 2012-11-04 at 5.58.03 PM

Look at this baby. Just look at it.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Dog Racing Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 10.14.58 PM

The first question I must ask is, why? I love the look on the dog’s face in the stroller on the right and how he and the other dog keep trying to crash into the camera.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Thunder Busters

Ghostbusters and AC/DC. It’s like not figuring out you can eat peanut butter with jelly until you’re 30.

Monday Moment Of Zen – First Love


No need for explanation. Just watch this. Simple and fantastic. Great script.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Supervan

Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 9.32.58 AM

Here is a short video showing off how my friends and I usually spend our weekends… showing off our sweet vans. Have a great week!

Monday Moment Of Zen – Lasers And Love

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 7.35.47 AM

Not particularly sure what movie or TV show this is from, but you have to know that it is something special. Apparently in the future, folks just wait around patiently to be shot by lasers. I want to install a laser on my car, just because it would look cool.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Doggy Dubstep

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 5.33.42 PM

Doggy dubstep to get you pumped for the new week! Greetings from LA and Florida this week.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Full Circle


What happens when you create a fashion video with a video camera attached to the end of a jump rope? Some very smart editing here and cool concept.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Let This Dog Sing You Into The New Week

Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 1.03.04 AM

What a nice singing voice he has. I’m kind of pretending this is Snoopy come to life. Have a great week! I’m off to North and South Dakota to film some political spots this week with the new Red Scarlet.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Wes Anderson From Above

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 11.28.46 AM

Did you ever notice how much Wes Anderson loves to film hands doing things from above? Apparently I didn’t until now.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Guns / Tanks / Cars / Explosions

Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 9.34.42 PM

Everything I love crammed into a 4 minute video. Well done. This is a promo video for Norwegian world rally champion Petter Solberg. [original source]

Monday Moment Of Zen – The Price Is… Snoop Dogg

Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 10.24.37 PM

This must be seen to be believed. Snoop Dogg helps a contestant on The Price Is Right win a 1962 Lincoln Continental. This has to be one of the most incredible showcases I have ever seen in the history of the show. This reminds me of the time I got in trouble in junior high […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – Damien Walters Flies

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 6.04.52 PM

Introducing “professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and free runner Damien Walters.” Watch his showreel above as he moves in ways I never could… jumping from/on/into moving vehicles, off of buildings, free runs, etc etc. Pretty cool showcase of his talents. Have a great week! More on Damien after the page break…

Monday Moment of Zen – This Guy Flies

Screen shot 2011-11-06 at 8.58.58 PM

Wild, dangerous, and awesome. Do it.

Monday Moment Of Zen – Weng Weng Rap


I first discovered Weng Weng because of this excellent rap/action compilation posted several years ago. Who is Went Weng you ask? So I’ve been told, he is apparently the compact Filipino James Bond. Despite his small stature his character is seemingly invincible, charismatic, and cunning.  I now actually own both of his films on DVD and often screen them at […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – “Bubba Until It Hurts”

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 8.27.46 AM

Let Sergeant Hightower / Bubba Smith get you warmed up for the week. May he rest in peace. This video is… ridiculous. My favorite line has to be: “I love you, and welcome to… until it hurts.” [original source]

Monday Moment of Zen – Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 12.08.30 AM

Monday Moment of Zen (2 Days Late) – Crime Fighting Dog

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 12.19.09 PM

Paco, the crime fighting pint-sized monster, has his day. Good boy Paco. Good boy.

Monday Moment of Zen – A Chihuahua Dancing Flamenco

Screen shot 2011-06-19 at 9.58.41 PM

Behold, its a Chihuahua dancing flamenco. Incredible. Now, have a great week folks.

Monday Moment of Zen – Hater’s Gonna Hate

Screen shot 2011-05-22 at 5.26.31 PM

Sometimes you just have to tell them how it is. Know what I’m sayin’!? Haha. Have a great week guys!

Monday Moment of Zen – Indian Terminator

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 10.51.22 AM

Not sure exactly what movie this is from, but I think it may be a Bollywood version of Terminator. Well, whatever it is, its beautiful. Just when you think it can’t get any more ridiculous, BAM, another more insane scene. The Russian dubbing also adds to the charm of this clip. It’s going to get […]