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Preview: My Photoshoot With The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty Movie Car


Lots of fun shoots going on these days! Just got back from photographing the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. This was one of 2 surviving screen used hero cars from the recent movie (not including stunt cars that were cut up or destroyed). I photographed the car as part of my ongoing photo series called The Unicorn […]

My Mad Max Photoshoot With Full Behind The Scenes Video


A few months ago, I hit up my buddy Paul Miller, who is a movie director out of Southern California. Regular readers of my site may recognize Paul from my previous Mad Max Interceptor shoot. Paul told me that he is part of a group of folks that essentially constructs clothing, weapons, and even vehicles […]

Introduction: Fast And The Furious 4 & 5 Dodge Charger Photoshoot


I’m having serious fun roughly planning out the post production process on this shoot I did in Los Angeles last week with one of the actual 1970 Dodge Charger Vin Diesel drove in Fast and The Furious 4 and 5. You will also notice the brand new Chevy Caprice police cars, which I believe are not […]

Happy Halloween! My Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Photoshoot With Behind The Scenes Video


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and every year I try and do a themed photoshoot in its honor, like my zombie shoot last year. This year I headed down to southern Virginia to visit my friend that’s a movie/tv car collector along with 4 white-lighting strobes, a Roscoe fog machine, some color gels, a generator […]