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Our New Acura Television Ad With The New Acura ILX And Mariano Rivera

This just went live and is on TV now! Behind the scenes video will come in the near future. Client was Tier 10 Marketing and creative director was Scott Rodgers. My 8112 Studios co-founder Nicholas Cambata and I directed and produced this ad.

Screen cap of my Creative Director's screen (Scott Rodgers) of my images from yesterday

Shooting Print Ads With The New 2013 Honda Accord in New York City

Screen cap of my Creative Director’s screen (Scott Rodgers) of my images from yesterday

Yesterday, we took out 2 of the first accords in the country through NYC. The new 2013 Accord is a really nice car, especially for the money. Lots of features for the price point. The shoot came together last minute (less than 48 hours notice). There was literally no time for permits to shoot this before deadline. I just had 2 assistants acting as human light stands and holding lights in their hands and battery packs around their shoulders. We only had the cars for half a day, but under the supervision of my Tier 10 Marketing Creative Director, Scott Rodgers, we rocked out some really cool stuff. Will share when I can! This is merely a teaser.

I sure am shooting a lot of car ads for being a portrait shooter. Haha. When did this happen?

Scott and me with the new Accords in Brooklyn. We enjoyed driving them around.
iphone location photo. I used Nik Software’s snapseed app to make it really pop

Filming A New TV Advertisement For Acura : Behind The Scenes

Our process trailer with police escort

The past week or so, I have been in New York City shooting a couple of projects. One of my projects was a doozie… I was hired by the ad agency Tier 10 Marketing, under the creative direction of Scott Rodgers, to produce and film a new tv ad for Acura via the New York Acura Dealers Association. As some of you may know, I co-founded a video production company, 8112 Studios, a few years back and we have been very busy with a variety of projects.

The ad starred the amazing Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees driving around the new Acura MDX. The underlying themes were strength, dependability, perseverance, and dedication. This was my first time using a process trailer and police escort, which was pretty wild to arrange and setup, as you can see. You use a trailer so you can film driving shots, but be able to mount the lighting and camera anywhere. Obviously it would be a hazard having a driver or actor driving the car around New York City with 12k watts of  lighting and diffusion and camera mounted to it. The tow truck has a generator on board so we can power the gear on the fly. Thankfully New York City provides a free police escort with your film permit. You technically need to have a police escort if you are filming any production on the streets of New York and have anything video-related mounted to a moving vehicle.

As a producer on my own shoots, I’ve learned that painstaking planning and pre-production is crucial on big video shoots like this. In fact, the shoot happens 80% in the planning and actual filming is merely following through the motions. That’s a lot different than with photo shoots, I have found. When we started out with video production, I put emphasis on the shoot day, not realizing that if I planned everything out beforehand, I would have a lot less to worry about since video productions have so many moving parts.

On a side note, Mariano Rivera is an incredible guy. Aside from being a baseball legend with incredible talent, he is really one of the most genuine and kind public figures I have ever met. Just being around him, you are inspired by his gentle warm nature. Seriously, could not say enough things about that guy. Despite blowing out his ACL a couple of weeks back, he powered through and helped us shoot a great ad.

I’ll post the ad when it airs!

Filming with the Red mounted to the back of the process truck with the trailer removed for chase shots
Setting up the car for filming on the trailer
Mariano getting his close-up
Mounting the red to the side of the car for interior driving shots
Filming the car stationary with a bunch of little league extras
(left to right) Nicholas Cambata (director) & myself (co-founders of 8112), Mariano Rivera, and our Creative Director at Tier 10 Marketing Scott Rodgers
Our two stunt vehicles from Paragon Acura in NY being delivered
Honda Civic CNG in New York by Paragon Honda

Behind The Scenes Video – My Honda Civic CNG Advertising Photoshoot In NYC

vimeo Direkt

I did an advertising shoot with the new Honda Civic CNG in Manhattan for the agency Tier10 Marketing. My team drove around some pre-production vehicles and shot them around iconic spots in the city.

Here is the behind the scenes video by Joseph Olesh. Final pics will be posted soon. They came out great! Here is my original post on this campaign.

Thanks to my team for doing a great job and to Tier 10 Marketing for the great project.

Look forward to sharing the final campaign photos with you guys.

More info on the campaign itself here: http://tier10lab.com/2012/03/06/energy-efficient-game-changer-honda-civic-cng/

A preview of some of the photos I shot
Obligatory iPhone image from on-location

Shooting Honda Ads in New York City – 2012 Civic GX CNG Preview

Our final location, Times Square

Just got back from Manhattan and had a fulfilling all-day print ad shoot with the newly re-designed 2012 Honda Civic GX CNG (compressed natural gas) for the ad agency, Tier 10 Marketing under the direction of creative director (and Tier 10 co-founder) Scott Rodgers.

It was kind of wild (stressful) driving a pre-release factory vehicle around New York City during a heavy protest day, but I survived. Honestly, the new Civic was really surprising nimble and easy to drive around the city. I couldn’t believe this was a car that was considered an economy vehicle with GPS, 30+ mpg, smooth quiet ride, and a radio that synced to my iPhone 4 via bluetooth that not only handled my phone calls, but played my iTunes music without the need of a sync cable. This is coming from a guy that drives a luxury German car. Color me impressed by the new CNG Honda Civic.

Cannot wait to share the final edited images and behind the scenes video filmed by Joe Olesh. In the meantime, here are 3 iPhone photos from the past day of shooting.

The 3 factory cars being delivered to my hotel in mid-town.
These guys were shooting the ultra rare $1+ million Zenovo St1 Bugatti-fighter around the corner from us in the Meat Packing District. When I saw this I was like: Well I'm shooting the new CNG Civic, OKAY GUYS! Haha. Photo by assistant Erik Motta. Good snap Erik!
Okay, here is one teaser that the client already released. This is an iPhone snapshot of my laptop screen showing one of the proofs from today. We took this in Dumbo with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. Wait until you see the final images!
Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 1.37.53 AM

2 Of My Clients Put Together A Cool Video Campaign To Promote The New Civic

YouTube Direkt

Earlier this year I introduced my ad agency client, Tier 10, to my music client, Dirty Vegas, so they could meet and create a new campaign for Honda that I’ve been helping with behind the scenes (and some other cool stuff I can’t announce yet). Check out the cool first video they made together (above) called “Heritage” using one of Dirty Vegas’s singles “Today” off their new album “Electric Love.”

I just had to post about this because 1, I love the new Dirty Vegas album, 2, I love it when my clients come together, 3, it’s a cool viral campaign combining vintage Honda ads and new footage.

My buddy and client Scott Rodgers (partner at Tier 10) was the creative director on the project. You should follow him on twitter.

About the video:

In recognition of Honda’s 9th Generation Civic, Tier10 Marketing has developed a “heritage” video, aimed to create a visual experience that best represents the theme: “One Car. A Million Stories.”

The Honda Civic has gained notoriety because of its widespread demographic appeal and longevity. Tier10 celebrates this 9th Generation Civic by creating an integrated viral video campaign that explores the evolution of the Civic.

Tier10 Marketing’s Creative Director Scott Rodgers explains, “Personifying the Civic by instilling emotion was objective one. Bringing in a human element accomplishes two things: it promotes a generational feel and connects the Civic with it’s far-reaching fan-base. Capturing the Civic’s evolution in correlation with the various people featured in the video was key in attaining the correct tone.”

The video incorporates vintage commercial footage of the 1978 Honda Civic to present-day models. An edit composed of new and old Civics, with a progressive pace, allows for 20+ years of the Honda Civic to be showcased in 90 seconds.

Shot on a Canon 7D, the video taps into a technology being utilized by the likes of The Jay Leno Show, House, and Saturday Night Live. The choice to use DSLR technology was deliberate, speaking to the Civic’s universal, grass-roots appeal. DSLR cameras like Canon’s 7D and Nikon’s D3s has brought high quality video to the masses at an affordable price.

A collaboration with Grammy award-winning Dirty Vegas brought an important emotional element. The video features the song, “Today,” a progressive pop composition. There’s a delicate bass beat that builds throughout, ultimately helping the story come through. The song lends a sense of nostalgia, a key element needed for the tone of this short video.

The video’s Producer and Editor Joseph Olesh adds, “The video should leave the viewer wanting to see more. My experience producing this video has made me a big fan of the Civic. My hope for the video is one that inspires viewers to investigate the Civic’s proud history and even take a test drive of their own.”

Video: http://bit.ly/2012hondacivicvideo
Web: http://www.2012hondacivicinfo.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/2012HondaCivic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/newcivic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newhondacivic

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Shooting Lexus Advertisements in Charlotte, North Carolina And Driving Fast Cars

Here are a couple of [client-approved] proofs from Lexus advertisements I shot in North Carolina for the automotive advertising agency client Tier 10 Marketing under the supervision of Creative Director & Tier 10 partner Scott Rodgers.

That agency puts out some great stuff and I love working with them. Scott is a great art director , easy to work with, and loaded with cool ideas. Scott is reading this right now and writing my check. Haha, I joke I joke. But seriously, we had a blast shooting this campaign. Got to drive around the new high-powered Lexus IS-F for the day and enjoy the nice weather in the South. Man, it was a quiet early Winter (as it always is) but as the temperature heats up, so has my schedule. Wow. It has been non-stop rock and roll. Shoots in LA and Vegas for 10 days, back to DC for a few commercial and advertising shoots (including an awesome one for Discovery Channel), then Charlotte, then NYC, then DC, then Vegas again. Whew! I love it.

I could get used to this car. Snap by assistant Sonny Nguyen
Needs so more cleaning up, but this is a single image! If you plan out your lighting, life becomes much easier.


A peek behind the curtain while setting up. Sometimes simple and straightforward lighting is enough!