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Check it out! My Lamborghini image on the Capture One Pro 7 box!

New Release: Capture One Pro 7 – The Professional Choice in Imaging Software

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I’m excited to finally announce the new Phase One Capture One Pro 7 raw processing software. I’ve been working behind the scenes for months on helping with the product release. This new generation Capture One is a leap forward with its brand new image processing engine and catalog organization system among other improvements. If you’re unfamiliar with Capture One, its the leading software that allows you to not only shoot tethered with 35mm to medium format digitals, but offers the most detailed raw image processing controls out on the market today.

From the PhaseOne.com website:

Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software. It gives photographers the highly responsive, precision tools they need to create stunning out-of-the-box images from leading high-end cameras.

Raw Processing:
Capture One Pro 7 features the world’s most advanced image processing engine, with a brand new Bayer Interpolation Method, that will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail from your camera’s raw files.

Tailor-Made Camera Profiles:
Each supported camera is tested and fine tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best.

Noise Reduction:
Professionals will enjoy the improved out of the box noise reduction, especially improved for higher ISO images. To reduce noise, every camera is optimized by our image quality experts. For you as a professional this means you can shoot with higher ISO more confidently than ever before.

Highlight and Shadow Recovery:
Perfect high-contrast scenes by recovering blown out highlights and opening up dark shadows. Use the improved HDR tool to bring out details and contrast in the shadows and highlights, even in images taken under difficult light conditions.

Local Adjustments:
Use the improved local adjustments like gradient mask, fill mask and auto mask, to fine-tune the details in targeted areas of your images. The non-destructive local adjustments let you edit selective parts of an image for unlimited creative control and results.

Search and Filtering:
The new advanced search and filtering option ensures that you can always find your images quickly and easily with specific criteria. Although your originals are offline, you can still browse, search and even adjust your images.

A catalog is the primary method of photo organization and viewing in Capture One Pro 7. A catalog contains all the information needed to find and display any image added to the Catalog, within one portable and sharable file.

I helped Phase One put together this short video showcasing what I love about the new Capture One Pro 7. Check it out below:

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You can learn more about Capture One Pro 7 and even try it free for up to 60 days at this link: CLICK HERE

I want to add that I am not being paid for endorsing the product. I try to align myself with companies like Phase One and Nik Software, whose products I use regularly and strongly believe in.

Check it out! My Lamborghini image on the Capture One Pro 7 box!
My image in the Capture One Pro 7 release. Big honor!

Musician Tom McBride Photoshoot – Trying Out The Fader ND Mark 2 Variable Neutral Density Filter

Had a great shoot on a more bearable winter day last week with an amazing indie musician Tom McBride. I’m trying a new more organic/natural look with my photos for 2011. You always have to shake it up! I’ve been playing with my Fader ND Mark 2 (link to more info on product) variable neutral density filter on recent sets and have noticed some positives and negatives right away.

For only about $125 it is an incredible high quality product. I show no vignette when shooting wide-angle and no color shifting issues. One issue you WILL find with most ND filters is that it is incredibly hard to check your focus while you have the ND filter mounted to your lens because things get so dark. I almost feel like I would be better off with a filter that slides on and off quickly rather than has to be screwed on and off the end of the lens in order to check focus. Although, the variable ND makes it very easy to force your camera to open its lens up to create a more shallow depth of field.

You can see the effects pretty clearly in this shoot, where I was shooting most of the photos when there was a lot of strong middle of the day ambient light. The Fader ND also came in handy when working with strobes indoors when I wanted to overpower the ambient window and room light with more powerful strobed light sources, but wanted to keep the depth of field shallow. I really am going to have to figure out how to get over this focus issue though. There must be an easy solution!

I will also try the Fader ND out in a sample video to show you how a variable neutral density works in action. Look for that post in the coming days.

Check out Tom McBride’s music here: http://www.tcmcbride.com

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