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My Ed Kowalczyk Album Cover Is Now Out!


Check out the album cover I shot for Ed Kowalczyk, formerly of the band Live, in Los Angeles this past summer. Ed’s new EP is available on iTunes now! (Ed K.) The Garden EP is available now on ITunes and in North America! For my international fans, you can head on over to my […]

New Phase One IQ160 Test Shoot – Pretty Girl In The Spooky Woods

Click to see larger

Did another quick shoot in the Virginia woods with the 60 megapixel Phase One IQ160. Practiced shooting shallow depth of field with the camera, which is a challenge getting the right things in focus, especially when the sun is setting. Would have definitely helped shooting tethered with Capture One to check my focus in careful […]

Boston Home Magazine – Proof My Old Personal Photoshoot Has Legs… Still


You may recall this old post, where I discussed how one of my personal photoshoots from 2008 has continued to be used in various forms even until this day. The shoot has seen various magazine spreads, covers, and even a museum display in New York City. Most recently, one of my Dava Newman / Biosuit portraits […]

My Portrait of Trans-Siberian Orchestra Founder Paul O’Neill


I recently had the opportunity to shoot a portrait of the amazing and interesting Paul O’Neill, who founded the extremely profitable and unique Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This particular shot was taken with a strobe that lit his face using a 7″ reflector with a 30 degree grid installed. I used a beauty dish with a grid […]

One Of My Old Photoshoots Still Has Legs… MIT / NASA Mars Biosuit Portrait


Thanks to a tip from my buddy Elliot O’Donovan today, I discovered that one of my photographs is making its rounds on the internet today after appearing in Wired. In about 12 hours, the image has nearly 3200 notes/reblogs on tumblr alone. Want to know the crazy part? I did this photoshoot 4 years ago. […]

Take A Lot Of iPhone Photos? You May Enjoy My “Photo Stats” iPhone App Review


I take A LOT of photos on my iPhone, especially when I travel for shoots. Photo Stats is a cool application for your iPhone that analyzes your shooting habits. It lists everything from where you’ve taken photos to your most productive time of day, what percentage you shoot landscape vs horizontal, etc. “If an image […]

Video Tutorial Of My Post Production Process (Beard Portrait Series Edition)

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 1.47.08 AM

In case you were wondering, here is an 8-minute screen capture video of my post-production process for my new beard portrait series. See how I get that great extra texture and contrast in photoshop. I will be doing more tutorials of my process as time progresses. Now remember, great photos can not be captured with […]

I May Be Turning Into A Black And White Portrait Guy – Beard Photography Part 2


So far I have been really pleased with how my beard / facial hair series has been going. To be honest, it’s more about character and personality than the facial hair alone. I mean just look at these faces! The look in their eyes. I have created my own workflow with my Nik Software plugins (Viveza […]

A Surprise Waiting By My Breakfast In New Jersey…


I was in the lovely state of New Jersey yesterday shooting ads for a yoga clothing line, DJ Skins, with my old buddy and client Josh Klenert creative-directing. I woke up and saw this literally sitting by my breakfast randomly… It’s one of my portraits of the beautiful poker player Beth Shak, who you may […]

Calling All Beards! Casting For New Facial Hair Personal Portrait Series


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may recall the portrait I did of Wildland Firefighter Ross this summer in Colorado. This photo has inspired me to do a new personal portrait series on people with unique facial hair. Think you may have some interesting whiskers? Want to be a part of this portrait series? […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – HBO’s 30 Minute Farewell To The Entourage Series


As we approach the premiere of the 8th and final season of Entourage on July 24th, HBO released a great 30 minute special on the series. It was cool to see the cast and crew bond on a personal level. Entourage was one of my favorite HBO series, because, as silly as it may sound, […]

Video Portrait of Steven Sasson, Inventor Of The Digital Camera

Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 5.32.59 PM

A well-done short video interview of Steven Sasson, inventor of the digital camera, by David Friedman. Steven even discusses and displays the first digital camera design. Pretty interesting for every tech and photo geek alike.

My Portrait of TV Host Genevieve Gorder


During the process of building this brand new website and blog, I have been going through a lot of my old photoshoots to rebuild my online portfolios. Completely forgot about this one I did with the lovely Genevieve Gorder a few years back. It’s incredible the things you can forget in time. Anyway, it is […]

My Portrait Session With Entourage’s Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier

It’s not every day I get to photograph the actor that plays the main character, Vincent Chase, in one of my favorite television shows, “Entourage.” I shot this in New York City in the span of an entire 10 minutes! The image indoors was taken with a single Alien Bees Ring Flash and the outside […]

Manhattan Rooftop Portrait At Night


Here is a rooftop portrait I took a couple weeks back of music manager Paul Gasparrini from a New York City rooftop on a beautiful night. The clouds were thick and low creating an eerie glow in the sky. I took these images without tripod and without any lights. Just took some controlled breathing, slow […]

My Photoshoot With Singer Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

Had a photoshoot with the incredibly beautiful and talented Kelly Rowland in Manhattan this week. She was promoting her new album “Commander.”  I still have a bunch of editing to do from the shoot, but thought I may share one of the rough edits. What do you think? It was taken with a single softbox […]

Portrait In This Month's "Make Magazine"

Volume 23- Print Pages

The portrait I took of my good friend/robot builder/movie prop maker/jack of all trades Daniel Deutsch is in this month’s Make Magazine. Check it out on newstands now! He discusses building his own Luke Skywalker Landspeeder, the one you see on my website. Follow my regular updates and links on Twitter:

Sunflower Field Model Portrait Shoot With Behind The Scenes Video


You may recall THIS POST from last week or so, where I introduced this photoshoot I did in a sunflower field in the DC area. I am really pleased how everything from this shoot is coming together. I already added the above image to the main page of my website I am enjoying working on […]

Dj Geometrix – Early Morning Rooftop Photoshoot

iPhone 4 photo from our rooftop location in Arlington Virginia. You can see Reagan National Airport and planes taking off as the sun rises

Did this rooftop photoshoot in Arlington, Virginia last week of DJ Geometrix. The light is always incredible when you start shooting at 7am and the adrenaline pumping keeps you going. It’s always easy when you only have one willing victim subject to work with in such a cool modern-looking location. Dj Geometrix was a great […]

Something New – Model in Sunflower Field Photoshoot Preview

Here I am taking the above photo. I vow never to turn my hat backwards again. Ok, maybe not.

Just had a fun shoot in a sunflower field near my office with an amazing makeup artist and model. I can’t wait to retouch these! It was totally worth the heatstroke from the 100+ degree Washington DC day. Here are a few teasers of the essentially unedited shots. Follow my regular updates and links on […]

Ford Motor Company Advertising Photoshoot For The New Fiesta


I recently had an advertising photoshoot for the Ford Motor Company. They just started posting photos on web/print/tv campaigns. I even made an appearance on their website (see above). Pretty cool! The Ford Fiesta is a fantastic value and all around a cool car for the money.

Photoshoot With Rob Halford of Judas Priest – The Metal God


Had a quick shoot with the “metal god” Rob Halford in New York City this week before he went on stage to do an amazing interview. Always an incredible feeling photographing a legend. You may recognize this same door in a few of my recent photoshoots. These shoots are being done for the same music […]

Photoshoot with The Members of Hulu's Online Series "If I Can Dream"


I photographed this in Manhattan a few weeks back of the young entertainers from the online Hulu show “If I Can Dream.” Wikipedia about the show: If I Can Dream is a new entertainment venture created by Simon Fuller. The series intends to harness new media equally, if not more so, than traditional broadcast, creating […]

I Was Named One Of Washington DC’s Most Influential People Under 40 (2nd Year In A Row) – Young And The Guest List

My business partner Nicholas Cambata (left) & Myself (right)

This week I found out that my business partner (8112 Studios), Nicholas Cambata, and I were named 2 of Washington D.C.’s “Young & The Guest List” (aka. the list of the most influential people under 40 years old) by Washington Life Magazine. From the article: “Our annual Young & The Guest List feature is known […]