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Jumping Joe – Retouching Contest Winner

Thank you for everyone’s patience. The time has come to announce the winner of the Jumping Joe retouching contest and who will receive the Nik Color Efex Pro 4 software! I had a lot of really hilarious and awesome entries. As you may recall, folks had an opportunity to download an unedited file shot by my Phase One IQ160 and edit it however they see fit. You can read about the original contest details here. This contest is meant to be fun and humorous, so I chose ones that were lighthearted and showed some fun creativity. Thank you to everyone that entered! It’s great seeing everyone’s different interpretations.

The next contest will be bigger and better!

The original image for reference.

Here are some of the honorable mentions that I really enjoyed. The winner is on the bottom of the post.

Click the image to visit the respective retoucher’s website/portfolio:

Entry by Filip Osowski. Fantastic entry. He would have won, but he had won a contest before. Sorry Fil! Check out his awesome work: www.filiposowski.com
Hilarious entry by Nathan Smith: PHOTONATE.COM
A very clean Joe C wallpaper. I like it! Another entry from Germany!
Can never get enough of Joe on rollerblades. Entry by Alfred Williams
Entry by Mike Nelson. Joe decided he was tired of jumping and figured he would just shrug it out. Clean work!
Ladies, you can have your very own Jabba The Hut Joe C slave girl! Entry by James Rose. Really funny and a valiant effort
One of my favorite and funniest entries by Drew Xeron. Nice work Drew. www.drewxeron.com
Entry by Marek Kunicki. No website provided. I can feel the electricity. Great work.
Entry by Justin Lane from the other side of the planet! (Sydney, Australia) It’s true, Joe jumps for joy every time he is in Vegas.
An entry all the way from Germany! I like your timely Wall Street theme! Good work Alex Schnieder



Entry by Tim Fraga (www.timssolution.com). I like this because the image really tells a story and truly reflects the real Joe C’s rebellious wild-man nature and his love of rollerblades! He used used Nik’s Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 Detail Extractor for this image.
Click the image to download the high res file

Photo Retouching Contest Time – Jumping Joe And Win Free Stuff

Click the image to download the high res file

It’s contest time again! You may recall this image above from a shoot I did with my Phase One a few weeks back (click the hyperlink to see behind the scenes and video). Snag my buddy Joe in the image above and put him in some crazy places or situations. Serious or funny, doesn’t matter to me. Just be creative and keep it PG-13 appropriate please :D

You can see examples from one of my previous contests here: Robots On The Move contest

My friends over at Nik Software, one of my favorite photo editing Plugin companies, has offered my readers a copy of their awesome software Color Efex Pro 4 Complete Edition for the contest, which is currently on sale for $199.95 on their site. Go on over to their site to learn more about the software and even download and try it freeYou must use one of their plug-ins on your entry, but make sure to let me know which plug-in you use when you submit!  Remember you can download and try it for free.

If you already have Color Efex Pro 4, I’m sure I could convince my friends at Nik to offer you another one of their great programs instead.

This is a really awesome prize and a product that I personally use just about every day.

Quickly solve imaging challenges and extend your creativity in never-imagined directions with unmatched quality. Versatile features like filter combinations, visual presets, history browser, natural borders, and a host of incredible filters make this an essential part of your photographic toolkit. - Nik Software

Here is the contest fine print:

  • You have 1 week. Deadline is 11:59PM (East Coast US Time) August 30, 2012 to submit your images. You can either email me (douglas[at]sondersphotography[dot]com) directly or post a link to your edits as a comment on this post. May sure to include a link to your webpage (if you have one) so I can include it in the post if you make the finals or win.
  • Go nuts. Create the coolest, wildest, most creative retouching job on these photo…but keep it clean please! Put Joe C in any serious or wacky scenario that your mind can create.
  • This is an international contest, so anyone on this planet can enter.
  • On September 4, 2012, my friends over at Nik Software and myself will select and announce the winner. Of course I will also the various top entries with links to the submitter’s webpage. Runner-ups? You get to have your work and website up in front of 10′s of thousands of eyes.
  • The fine print: I still own the copyright of this image so no going and using this in advertisements you crazy kids, but you are welcome to post your entry in your online and print portfolios and such of course.

Download the above high res image of Joe C shot by my Phase One IQ160, 60 megapixel medium format. I would include the RAW file, but there are logistical issues with sharing a large 60 megapixel raw file with countless people, so here is a high res jpg that opens up to 140 megabytes. CLICK HERE

You could win this!
Winston 3 - Entry by Marina Brocal Sanchez

The Winner Of The Winston Retouching Contest

Winston 3 - Entry by Marina Brocal Sanchez

With 252 votes, Marina Brocal Sanchez of Spain is the winner of my Winston retouching contest. Her prize is the new OnOne Plug-in Software Perfect Photo Suite 6. Thank you to our contest sponsor onOne Software! Thank you to everyone that voted. It was a heated battle for awhile and really loved going through the creative entries. In case you missed it, you can see the rest of the entries here. I will be having another contest soon!

*Contest Results* Photoshop Retouching Contest Sponsored By Nik Software – “Post Apocalypse Nora”

Finally! The day has come to announce the winners of my second photoshop retouching contest (see the original post here). Thanks again to the Nik Software Team for donating our great prizes and for being judges in the contest. Remember, the grand prize winner will receive Nik Software’sComplete Collection Ultimate Edition” which is their bundle of all 6 of their award-winning photographic plug-ins that work in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. $599.95 suggested retail price. The two honorable mentions will not walk away empty-handed. They will have their choice of any 1 Nik product!

Thanks again to everyone that entered. I received some fantastic and imaginative entries. Your support of this contest ensures that we will have bigger and better contests with more awesome prizes in the future. And now, here are your winners…


Nathan Smith – www.smithfineart.com

Nik Product/Effect used: Color Efex Pro > Graduated User Defined +Bleach Bypass +Tonal Contrast + Cross Processing (T04)

“We liked this one due to filter usage and the clean masking of Nora.” – Nik Judges

I think this entry was definitely one of the strongest images with the post-apocolypse theme. I like the blurred buildings int he background and the setting sun, created a great sense of depth. His color treatment looks nice and consistent throughout.



#1 Filip Osowski –

Nik Product/Effect used: Color Efex Pro > Bleach Bypass

“Loved the creativity of this one. Tyler (our creative manager) loved the circular ring around Nora while the attention to gaming detail had me hooked.” – Nik Judges

Filip entered in the last retouching contest and made runner-up before. He does have some serious talent.

#2 Brent Airey

Nik Product/Effect used: Color Efex Pro > Colorize

“Just really clean and we liked the light source mimicking what you [Douglas Sonders] did in the original. Got dinged a little because it didn’t look “post-apocolyptic” enough (of course I pointed out that the snow might represent ‘nuclear winter.’)” – Nik Judges

This is clean and I thought he did a great job dropping her in the snow and creating a seamless color treatment.

More photos below the break!

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The Next Photoshop Retouching Contest Will Be Announced On Friday – New Great Prize!

Previous Winner - Entry by Clint Davis

I am working with one of my new corporate sponsors, Nik Software, to arrange for a really cool BIG prize for my next photoshop retouching contest. I will be announcing the new photo, contest details, and the awesome prize THIS Friday (9am East Coast) March 25. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog.

Like I promised you guys, more contests and more prizes from great sponsors, such as Nik Software, coming as my blog grows exponentially thanks to readers like you!

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Photoshop Retouching Contest! Robots On The Move

LINK TO ORIGINAL FILE (contest completed)

Inspired by my good buddy Zach Jopling, I have decided to do a photoshop contest using my new robot image that I just shot. Here is the deal:

  • You have 1 week. Deadline is 11:59PM February 23, 2011 to submit your images. You can either email me (douglas [at] sondersphotography [dot] com) directly or post a link to your edits as a comment on this post.
  • Go nuts. Create the coolest, wildest, most creative retouching job on this photo…but keep it clean please!
  • This is an international contest, so anyone can enter.
  • I will post the top 3 winners with links to their sites and will give the grand prize winner a sweet Think Tank Photo memory card holder. I will hire the best retoucher to work on one of my newest coolest shoots I have coming up. If you know my work, most likely tanks, planes, models, hotrods, explosions, etc.
  • The fine print: I still own the copyright of this image so no going and using this in advertisements you crazy kids.

Want to learn more about retouching? Meet my regular retoucher Justin Paguia at my NYC photo workshop February 27, 2011: http://bit.ly/f8aOK6