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My Robocop Photoshoot – Behind The Scenes

I love the original Robocop film and my friends and I have obsessed about it for years. I’ve been extremely busy (thankfully) with photoshoots, but I always make sure to clear some time in my schedule to add to my “Unicorn Project” (a personal project dedicated to capturing movie and tv cars). This time I had the opportunity to photograph a Robocop suit molded from the one used in the original film along with a replica OCP Ford Taurus police car, but I had to fly to Phoenix first…



Stay tuned to my facebook page, I will be giving away free posters, computer wallpapers, and even offering a Robocop retouching contest with prizes.

If you want to see an extensive blog post that explains how this shoot came together, how it was captures, and even see more edited images, go here: http://fstoppers.com/the-robocop-ph…

Thanks for letting me share with you guys!


My Robocop Photoshoot – Part 1 (Preview)


Well I wrapped up 2013 with the ultimate personal photoshoot (well, my definition of it anyhow). I’ve always wanted to do my own retro Robocop-themed photoshoot and I flew to Phoenix Arizona to do just that. Why Arizona? How did I get a Robocop suit and Robocop 1990’s Ford Taurus police car? I’ll be releasing a full post with all of the details, behind the scenes video, edited set of images, and will even be giving away posters! Stay tuned guys.

Happy 2014!



Dozens Of My Photo and Video Behind The Scenes Videos In One Place!

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.35.59 PM

If you like watching behind the scenes videos and / or want to see how I’ve put a lot of my big shoots together, head on over to my portfolio website (www.SondersPhotography.com) and check out my new “Behind the Scenes” section. I’ve posted most of my videos all on my site so you may watch at your leisure! Let me know if you want to see more or less of something!

Link to the BTS video portion of the site HERE


Behind The Scenes Video Of My Photoshoot With The A-Team Van And KITT From Knight Rider

vimeo Direkt

I’ve been working on a personal photo series capturing movie and television cars (real and replica)for about 5 years now under the title “The Unicorn Project”. Most recently, I had an opportunity to photograph a replica A-Team Van and KITT from Knight Rider while I was in Los Angeles. These happen to be two of my favorite television cars of all time. Watch the video below and read the full behind the scenes post here to learn how it was done on Fstoppers.com.

Check out ALL of my behind the scenes photoshoot videos on my main website HERE.





Video by the amazing Brian A. Peterson: www.brianapetersen.com

Special thanks to Alex Wong and Nathan Truman of Star Car Central: www.starcarcentral.com

Retouching help by Filip Osowski: www.filiposowski.com

Camera and raw processing software by Phase One: www.PhaseOne.com

Camera strap by Vulture Equipment Works: www.vultureequipmentworks.com

Check out my website and facebook page to see more of my photos and see more behind the scenes from my shoots.


Preview: Shooting Dale Earnhardt Junior’s Official 2014 #88 National Guard Nascar Team Photoshoot


Just wrapped the 10+ hour official 2014 photoshoot for Dale Earnhardt Jr and the #88 National Guard Nascar team down in Hammerhead studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was awesome! I’ve always wanted to take Dale Jr’s portrait. He’s one of my favorite NASCAR drivers, so I was really honored when I was contacted to do the team’s new photos for 2014. I can’t post the final photos yet, but I can tell you a bit about my setup…

The photoshoot day required a combination of individual portraits without car, portraits of people with the race car, and the race car from various angles. We had to cram in a LOT of photos in a short amount of time. Many of the photos would be used for future composites and promo material throughout the year so the lighting had to be clean and even on a lot of the images. I noted the ceiling in the studio was black, which is not conducive to clean in-studio car photos. I hired a local grip with grip truck (essentially a truck loaded with c-stands, reflectors, extension cables, and everything support-related that I would need) to show up and build me a 20 foot by 20 foot white panel to hang from the ceiling. I would fire some of my Profoto D1 Airs up into the 20×20 panel to create a beautiful soft even light onto the car, essentially treating it like an oversized bounce card. I should also note that the power output in the Profoto D1 Airs can be remotely adjusted from the Air Remote on my camera’s hotshoe, which REALLY helped make my life easier since all of the lights were placed so far apart. I’ll show the results in greater detail when the official photos come out!


I shot all of the images with my Phase One IQ140 digital medium format with my favorite 75-150 Schneider leaf shutter lens, which is incredibly sharp and one of my favorites. I shot while tethered to the blazing fast new brand new 2.3ghz 16 gig Retina Macbook Pro using Capture One Pro software. I used my Tether Tools kit to setup my laptop (the “tether table”) and backup hard drive underneath. I also used Tether Tool’s iPad mount (Wallee Case and Wallee Connect) on an extra tripod so I could transmit the image previews as I photographed using Phase One’s Capture Pilot software for life client review.




I Never Thought It Would Be Possible To Love A Light Stand Like This: Manfrotto 1004BAC

Regular followers of my blog and various forms of social media already know I travel a LOT for shoots. We are talking over 100k miles and thousands spent in baggage fees a year! Thus, a streamlined effective travel kit loaded with gear that doesn’t waste space or weight is crucial for me. I’ve been spending the last month replacing old gear, cases, stands, lights, etc. A lot of my kit had become worn out, bent, and no longer worked properly due to hard use. During a recent trip to B&H in New York City, I discovered the most beautiful travel light stand kit I have ever seen: The Manfrotto 1004BAC stackable light stand kit.


Why do I love these stands so much?

  • They are light weight at only 6.6 lbs each and extend to 12 feet high and close down to 42.1″
  • They don’t flex and bend like a lot of other travel stands and have a max load weight of 20lbs, which is plenty for my Profoto D1 1000 heads with a huge light modifier.
  • The 3 stands in the kit literally stack and lock together for easy transport.
  • They have this cool “double braced” wide leg stance for more stability, especially when raising your lights really high. I’ve tested them and I am impressed how they don’t flex and feel like they want to topple over as much as other lights. This is great because I cannot always travel with sand bags so being able to walk off of a plane and head to a portrait session and not worry about a light with a softbox mounted onto it toppling over onto a portrait subject due to a weak stand.

My fellow photographer buddy Clint Davis was on set and saw these stands and we immediately lusted over these stands, which are honestly a steal for $329 for all 3 stands. Kinda funny considering all of the gear porn we had on set (Tether Tools, Phase One, Profoto). You can check out the stands on B&H’s website with free shipping here: LINK

Keep an eye on my blog the coming weeks. I have replaced a majority of the lighting, travel gear, and cases I was using earlier this year in hopes of streamlining a better travel kit with the most effective gear of the best value. This includes a new strobe case, camera bag configuration, light stand case and layout, and tether table.

Panic At The Disco

Preview: My New Panic At The Disco Alt Press Magazine Covers

Panic At The Disco

Last month I was in Las Vegas shooting a cover feature on Brendon Urie, the lead singer of the band Panic At The Disco. I’m so pleased with how the entire shoot panned out. I can’t show you all of the photos until the magazine is out next month, but here are a few approved teasers.

The cover on the right is funny, because we’d move my lights and Brendon out into the middle of the street between traffic passing through essentially risking our lives (see photos below). The cover on the left, Brendon is sitting on the same Chevy they used in their most recent music video.

One of our epic locations was the Neon Museum, which is a beautiful graveyard of former famous Vegas casino signs (see the iphone photo at the bottom). I cannot wait to share with  you the rest of the set.

Images were captured with my Phase One IQ140 digital medium format.


Neon Graveyard