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Can You Power a Profoto D1 Air With A Vagabond Mini Battery Pack? (Video)


I recently started upgrading my Paul C Buff White Lightning flash heads with the Profoto D1 Air mono-flash heads. Being an on-location portrait photographer, easy power sources are very important to me. Sometimes I will land in a city and will need to go right to right to set and picking up a generator isn’t […]

LL Cool J Photoshoot Behind The Scenes


Last week I had a photoshoot with rapper / actor LL Cool J. This was another fast session, only having about 10-15 minutes with the artist, but this is nothing new for me! LL was a true class act. Friendly and warm with  myself and the entire crew. It made my job very easy. Some […]

Valentines Day Bum You Out? Let Me Help!


If you direct msg me your address, I promise Emma (my pitbull rescue) and I will mail you 1 of these valentines & my business card. I normally rebel against Valentines Day, but I mean come on, puppies and kittens? I couldn’t help it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a dudette, this is […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – Memorex 80′s Memories

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 3.15.57 AM

Prepare to get tripped out on this crazy 80′s video art. More information about this video below…

Top Web Searches To Find My Blog Of The Week 1/25/12

IMG_0767 copy

Every week I look through the web statistics of my photography portfolio website and my photo blog (this one) to analyze what drives traffic to my sites so I may learn how to produce more attractive content and figure out better ways to share with my various forms of social media. Much like a race […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – Surveillance Happy

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 10.51.44 AM

This is great. Coca Cola did a new ad campaign showing that security cameras don’t always capture people doing bad things…

My Photoshoot With The Music Artists “Big Time Rush” And “Cody Simpson”


I recently had a photoshoot with teen heartthrob music groups “Big Time Rush” and “Cody Simpson”. Not being a teenage girl, these  guys weren’t on my music radar beforehand, but they were all extremely nice and definitely put on a good music performance on stage. You can see more of my portraits and performance photos […]

Want A Google+ Invite? I Have Some To Spare

Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 8.21.14 PM

I have 150 Google+ invites. Want one of them? Join the new social networking evolution. Just comment on this post and I will invite you. Also, make sure to add me on Google+!

Reasons Twitter Has Been Helpful To Me As A Photographer

Screen shot 2011-05-22 at 12.24.59 PM

We all know Twitter has become an integral part of the social networking community, but what has it done for you? I’m not claiming to be a Twitter expert, but I have noticed how it has changed the way I communicate with the fine folks of the interweb. Going Viral – There’s a greater chance […]

“The Well: Covering Capitol Hill” – Short Documentary Film About DC Political Photography By Chris Gregory

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 3.16.41 AM

Video by: Being from Washington D.C., I have spent a fair amount of time doing photography on Capitol Hill covering political events, meetings, award ceremonies, and hearings. I don’t do it so often anymore, but the experiences remain the same. This well-done short film talks about the nature of shooting such events in the political […]

Shooting Honda Ads in Southern California

Another setting-up image

My first few days back in the Los Angeles area has been fantastic. The weather is addictive. Had a great day yesterday shooting Honda ads on the California coast. As you can see, I was using two Paul C. Buff Vagabond 2 battery packs, which lasted me an entire day of shooting without any issues. […]

My Photoshoot with Flo Rida & My New Nike DeLorean Dunks

Flo Rida

Had a quick shoot with the music artist Flo Rida this past week. He was promoting his new album release. Here are a couple of the behind the scenes portrait images from our session and a couple of my shots from his concert performance. He puts on a good show! Oh, and by the way, […]

Photoshoot With Grammy Award Winning Band Phoenix


Really enjoy their music, so it was a pleasure to have a chance to photograph them. This was another shoot I only had 10 minutes or so to photograph. Phoenix put on an amazing concert. This shoot took place right before the Grammy Awards.

Magazine Cover Shoot – Independent Banker Magazine

The original photo before the 2 other photos were dropped-in

I recently photographed this editorial job in Ohio for Independent Banker Magazine for a story on mobile banking services. The cover was a combination of 3 images. One was a photo of him actually holding the blank iPhone to the camera. The second photo was a portrait/headshot of him in the same environment to drop […]

Ian Carey S.O.S. Music Video We Just Finished Filming

My production company just finished this video. It was filmed in Florida on the RED Camera. My business partner Michael Zemrose directed this.

Neko Case photoshoot for Apple iTunes album cover


This exclusive Neko Case album just came out on iTunes today.  I photographed Neko in LA a few months back. She was super super nice and great to work with. Check out this exclusive iTunes Original album. It sounds awesome!

A Sweet Gift From Canon Professional Services (C.P.S.) Came In the Mail!

CPS Programs Descriptions

Canon recently “revamped” their special service/repair/loaner program for their “professional” customers. I have been a CPS member for years now, but had to re-apply when they announced the new program. To qualify, you have to prove that your work is published and you have to own a certain amount of Canon’s professional-level camera bodies and […]

Sharam Photoshoot – Get Wild

Photographed amazing world-famous DJ, Sharam, in the Nevada desert (Red Rock Canyon) for his upcoming album “Get Wild. Check out his myspace:

My photo on the new 3 Doors Down album cover

Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag! I did a photoshoot with my friends 3 Doors Down in Nashville last month for the cover of their new album, which coming out next month. As you may or may not know, I have been touring on the busses with 3 Doors Down on […]