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Can You Power a Profoto D1 Air With A Vagabond Mini Battery Pack? (Video)

I recently started upgrading my Paul C Buff White Lightning flash heads with the Profoto D1 Air mono-flash heads. Being an on-location portrait photographer, easy power sources are very important to me. Sometimes I will land in a city and will need to go right to right to set and picking up a generator isn’t an option. Profoto has their own battery pack system, but I already have a few Vagabonds that can fit in my carry-ons very easily and someone once told me that you can run the D1’s off of a vagabond mini battery pack.

As you can see from the video, it does power up a D1 500 and fire. Power recycling is noticeably slower and the strobe sounds a tad strained, but it does work. Helps having the audible sound when the capacitor is recharged. Oh, and make sure the modeling light is turned off or that drains the battery very quickly!

I should try and field test on a couple of D1’s and Vagabond Minis. I’ll let you know when I do!

You can also put the D1’s in a “battery mode” which make them perform better when plugged into a battery pack. One of my readers M.D. Welch suggested this:

Plug in the unit, but leave the power off. Hold down the Model button, wait about 10 seconds while you hold it down, then on the LED indicator it will say “bt”. You are now in battery mode. The last thing you need to do is pull the power cable from the unit, wait a couple of seconds, and plug it back in. Now you can use the light. If you want to go back to wall power, you need to repeat these steps, but the LED indicator will say “- – “. If you don’t do this, you can blow the D1. These steps are in the D1 manual, under using the BatPack.


Fstoppers.com did a great review/description of the Profoto D1. See below to learn more:

YouTube Direkt

LL Cool J Photoshoot Behind The Scenes


Last week I had a photoshoot with rapper / actor LL Cool J. This was another fast session, only having about 10-15 minutes with the artist, but this is nothing new for me! LL was a true class act. Friendly and warm with  myself and the entire crew. It made my job very easy. Some of you may recognize the door location. I have a great corporate client that trusts me to shoot a lot of their celebrity projects. It’s been a great opportunity to meet some great talent!

For those of you curious about my setup on the shot above: I used a raised strobed large octobox with a fabric grid as the main light and a strobe with 7″ reflector and 40 degree grid on an even plane as a slight fill light on LL. Images were captured using my Phase One 645DF+ with IQ140 back and the 55mm and 75-150 Schneider leaf shutter lenses.



Behind the scenes by my buddy Erik Motta http://www.erikmotta.com/



Valentines Day Bum You Out? Let Me Help!

First stack of cards getting ready to go out!

If you direct msg me your address, I promise Emma (my pitbull rescue) and I will mail you 1 of these valentines & my business card. I normally rebel against Valentines Day, but I mean come on, puppies and kittens? I couldn’t help it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a dudette, this is all in fun to brighten your day on this pressure-filled hallmark holiday. Honestly, I hate the darn day, but if I must face it…

What do you think? Marketing genius or insanity? Muahaha

Just go on over to facebook professional page and privately direct message me your address (don’t want your address out there in the public do we?): http://www.facebook.com/sondersphoto

Offer ends 11:59pm February 14, 2013 (New York City time / east coast time)


IMG_0767 copy

Top Web Searches To Find My Blog Of The Week 1/25/12

Every week I look through the web statistics of my photography portfolio website and my photo blog (this one) to analyze what drives traffic to my sites so I may learn how to produce more attractive content and figure out better ways to share with my various forms of social media. Much like a race car driver or athlete may look at tapes from old competitions to see how they can improve their game, I do the same with my web analytics. In time, I noticed an alarming trend of increasingly strange web keyword searches that would lead to my site (thanks to my web stats). For those that aren’t web savvy: If someone enters in a keyword such as “Douglas Sonders Photography” into their google/yahoo/msn/etc search engine and click any of the links that pop up that lead to one of my sites, it shows up on my web traffic statistics. It has become so strange and funny, in fact, that I have decided to do a weekly post sharing the top search engine keyword searches used to find my blog in the past 7 days.

Please enjoy the first installment (these are 100% actual keyword searches that led people to my site)

  • “what drives my workaholic girlfriend” I will steer you in the wrong direction, my friend.
  • “living with a workaholic girlfriend” I’m starting to think someone may have a relationship issue on their hands.
  • “douglas sonders sexiest man in dc” Haha! Somebody is playing a joke on me.
  • “how to become a professional commercial wedding photographer fstoppers torrent” Stealing is bad kids, m’kay?
  • Rudy Gay sexy” I’m sure my old portrait subject Rudy would appreciate this. Although, I don’t ever think I have ever included the term “sexy” in any of my posts about him. Haha.
  • “Rudy Gay haircut” You would not believe how many people google about his haicut.  Did he do something new that I don’t know about?
  • “rudy gay hairstyle” JEEEEZZZEE
  • “tricks of photoshop cs6 to make you look like a celebrity” Uhhhhhh. There’s an app for that?
  • “douglas sonders great abs” HAHAHAHAHA. Hope you found what you’re looking for.
  • “douglas sonders pageant photos” I sometime wonder what people hope to find
  • “Douglas Sonders married” Do you know something I don’t know?
  • “douglas sonders fastest lens in the west” ok someone is definitely playing a joke hahaha.
  • “douglas sonders biography” I was raised by a pack of wolves. Not the wild ones you see in the wild, speaking ones like you see in Disney cartoons
  • “personal photo” I’ll see what I can do.
  • “can i get instagram on my mac” A LOT of people are searching how to do this. Check out this blog post kids.

Keep an eye out for next week’s post! Hopefully I’ll have some funny ones for you. Have a great weekend!


My Photoshoot With The Music Artists “Big Time Rush” And “Cody Simpson”

I recently had a photoshoot with teen heartthrob music groups “Big Time Rush” and “Cody Simpson”. Not being a teenage girl, these  guys weren’t on my music radar beforehand, but they were all extremely nice and definitely put on a good music performance on stage.

You can see more of my portraits and performance photos from the shoot here: LINK

2 lights. 1 extra large softbox and 1 gridded light above the subjects aiming at the background creating the glow.