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Catch Some Of My Work On The Phase One Camera Website

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Phase One is featuring some of the new images I took with my new Phase One and IQ digital back. See more here and click my name under the “photographer” menu. It’s always really exciting to know that the makers of your camera system choose your work to help represent the abilities and greatness of their technology! Whew! Mom is so proud.

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Sometimes All You Need Is An iPhone Camera And Photo Editing Apps v.24023.3

I was doing a shoot with a friend in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. While a 60 megapixel medium format Phase One was slung around my neck, I decided to snap this with my iPhone of Nora just casually exploring the deep woods. I did a black and white conversion, some contrast, sharpness/detail, and tilt-shift effects using Nik Software’s Snapseed app. Came out awesome I think! I may print this out for the office.

Another reason why I think standard point and shoot cameras are in trouble if phones can snap images like this and be edited all in the same device! What do you think?

Nik Software Sponsored Photoshop Retouching Contest v2 – “Post Apocalypse Nora”



You guys may remember my first retouching contest a few weeks back, which was a smashing success and we got some awesome entries. One of my corporate sponsors (and makers of software I use daily), Nik Software, has stepped forward and offered to sponsor the contest and offer up a great prize.

Not only will the winner be honored on my blog to be viewed by 10’s of thousands of folks, you will receive Nik Software’sComplete Collection Ultimate Edition” which is their bundle of all 6 of their award-winning photographic plug-ins that work in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. $599.95 suggested retail price. I have this software and it is truly fantastic. Click here to learn about the Complete Collection.

I have posted an unedited image from a photoshoot I did with the lovely model Nora Sommerkamp (click her name to join her Facebook fanpage) in a junkyard for you guys to have fun with. Shout out to my buddy Tom Bostic for the cool location, Tara Papanicolas for clothing styling, and Lauren Clark for the hair and makeup. You can refer to the results of my last retouching contest to see the kind of submissions I received. I want you to really have fun and be creative with the photo.

Here is the deal:

  • You have until April, 3 2011 at 11:59PM to submit your edited images. You can either email me (douglas [at] sondersphotography [dot] com) directly or post a link to your edits as a comment on this post.
  • Go nuts. Create the coolest, wildest, most creative retouching job on this photo…but keep it clean please!
  • This is important. You must use at least one Nik Software plug-in in the retouching of your submission. You also must indicate what plug-in(s) you used when you email me  your final image. You can go on to the Nik Software website and download a 15-day free trial of each plug-in.
  • This is an international contest, so anyone can enter.
  • I will post the top winners as well as the honorable mentions with links to their websites (make sure to include your website in your email) and Nik Software will give the grand prize winnerComplete Collection Ultimate Edition“. They winner will also have a chance to work with me in the future on one of my crazy photoshoots.
  • The fine print: I still own the copyright of this image so no going and using this in advertisements you crazy kids or claiming you took the photo. You may put this in your portfolios as an example of your retouching. I always appreciate a photo credit ;)
  • Follow my updates on twitter (http://twitter.com/douglassonders). I will post any contest updates there first.


Photoshoot In A Junkyard With Model Nora Sommerkamp

Here is a fun little photoshoot I did in a junkyard in Maryland a couple of months ago with model Nora Sommerkamp. We were going for a post-apocalyptic vibe. What do you think?

This shoot was done by a team of friends “just for fun.” We had a blast. Even met the biggest raccoon I have ever seen as the sun began to set. I named him “Bitey.”

My team for the shoot:

Clothing Styling: Tara Papanicolas

Model: Nora Sommerkamp

Makeup/Hair: Lauren Clark

Assistant/behind the scenes photos: Jonathan Thorpe

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Snapping the first photo above. Shot this with a beauty disk and large softbox (see the photo below)


Shot this with a single "strobist" 580ex without light-modifier held above the model by an assistant to get the stark contrast in the lighting


Recent Photo/Video Adventures & Preview Of What's To Come – Music Video / Junk Yard / SWAT Team Edition

screen shot of an un-retouched image from yesterday's junk yard photoshoot

Happy Tuesday to you gang. Apologies for the lack of Monday Zen yesterday, I was busy shooting all day, but definitely working on some fun stuff for you to see. Here are some tidbits from what I’ve been working on the past week or so. Been shooting photo and video fairly equally. Hope you’re nearly as excited as I am! Stay tuned.

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Models are getting pretty tall these days
Wearing my lucky Air Jordans, making my model Nora Sommerkamp jump around. Photo by Johnathan Thorpe
Winston Churchill and I are taking an xBox break from editing
iPhone 4 photo of a beautiful Washington DC waterfront sunset
Not the first time I've had this many guns pointed at me. SWAT Team shoot. Photo by Carey Hess
Photo by Carey Hess of my photoshoot
Mounting cameras on a 1969 Camaro for a music video

iPhone photo of us on set filming
Filming lipstick on a mirror
Driving the 1969 Camaro for filming