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What My Last Two Weeks Have Been Like (Hint: zoom, vroom, brrrr, whoosh)

First of all, apologies for the few blog posts the past month. It has been a wild and diverse 2013 so far! In the past two weeks alone I shot a magazine cover in pittsburgh, taught photography to 250 people in DC (taught over 600 folks in the month of January), filmed a TV ad and in Montana, interviewed and filmed and sped around with Jay Leno in LA, and finished the second week off by being President Clinton’s photographer in DC, following him around for the day. Wild and surreal is all I can say. Wild and surreal. My career sure has become a diverse crazy adventure! What an awesome start to 2013.

I can’t say much about any of the individual filming/photography projects that I listed above, but be prepared for some awesome projects and behind the scene content that will be released on this site soon. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy some of my behind the scenes photos from the road:


My LA production team filming Jay Leno in his garage (He has an epic car collection if you didn’t know).
Picking my Emma up from the dog hotel. We missed each other! My “killer” pitbull. Haha.
Snowy day in Red Lodge Montana.
Street legal rally racer with a 400+ horsepower Corvette engine and rally race suspension. What a ride.
Our Red Scarlet filming sunset in Montana
Filming the Crash Boom Bang concert at DC’s 930 club with multiple Red Cameras. This Epic is on a jib on the upper balcony.
My beloved Phase One
Spending the day with President Clinton
Probably the most epic photo ever taken of my business partner Nick (in 8112 Studios) and me. Jay Leno taking us for a drive in his steam car.


Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.18.23 PM

Our New Acura Television Ad With The New Acura ILX And Mariano Rivera

This just went live and is on TV now! Behind the scenes video will come in the near future. Client was Tier 10 Marketing and creative director was Scott Rodgers. My 8112 Studios co-founder Nicholas Cambata and I directed and produced this ad.


The Ad We Shot For The Key West Film Festival

YouTube Direkt

My 8112 Studios co-founder, Nicholas Cambata, and myself along with our great production team shot this a month or two ago for the new Key West Film Festival over a 1 day period. Shot on the Red Scarlet video camera. I think it came out great.


Filming A New TV Advertisement For Acura : Behind The Scenes

Our process trailer with police escort

The past week or so, I have been in New York City shooting a couple of projects. One of my projects was a doozie… I was hired by the ad agency Tier 10 Marketing, under the creative direction of Scott Rodgers, to produce and film a new tv ad for Acura via the New York Acura Dealers Association. As some of you may know, I co-founded a video production company, 8112 Studios, a few years back and we have been very busy with a variety of projects.

The ad starred the amazing Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees driving around the new Acura MDX. The underlying themes were strength, dependability, perseverance, and dedication. This was my first time using a process trailer and police escort, which was pretty wild to arrange and setup, as you can see. You use a trailer so you can film driving shots, but be able to mount the lighting and camera anywhere. Obviously it would be a hazard having a driver or actor driving the car around New York City with 12k watts of  lighting and diffusion and camera mounted to it. The tow truck has a generator on board so we can power the gear on the fly. Thankfully New York City provides a free police escort with your film permit. You technically need to have a police escort if you are filming any production on the streets of New York and have anything video-related mounted to a moving vehicle.

As a producer on my own shoots, I’ve learned that painstaking planning and pre-production is crucial on big video shoots like this. In fact, the shoot happens 80% in the planning and actual filming is merely following through the motions. That’s a lot different than with photo shoots, I have found. When we started out with video production, I put emphasis on the shoot day, not realizing that if I planned everything out beforehand, I would have a lot less to worry about since video productions have so many moving parts.

On a side note, Mariano Rivera is an incredible guy. Aside from being a baseball legend with incredible talent, he is really one of the most genuine and kind public figures I have ever met. Just being around him, you are inspired by his gentle warm nature. Seriously, could not say enough things about that guy. Despite blowing out his ACL a couple of weeks back, he powered through and helped us shoot a great ad.

I’ll post the ad when it airs!

Filming with the Red mounted to the back of the process truck with the trailer removed for chase shots
Setting up the car for filming on the trailer
Mariano getting his close-up
Mounting the red to the side of the car for interior driving shots
Filming the car stationary with a bunch of little league extras
(left to right) Nicholas Cambata (director) & myself (co-founders of 8112), Mariano Rivera, and our Creative Director at Tier 10 Marketing Scott Rodgers
Our two stunt vehicles from Paragon Acura in NY being delivered
Single cover that I photographed with our lead, Jenna Dalton

The World Debut Of Cedric Gervais “Molly” – My New Music Video Project (NSFW)

YouTube Direkt

Just to warn you, this may be a little too racy to watch at the workplace… This is the video to the song that had everyone in the music world buzzing due to the Madonna and Deadmau5 twitter battle over it. The song, the buzz over the video, and my production company were all over the news… such as the front page of TMZ, the Hollywood Reporter, MTV News, The Washington Post, etc etc. Never had such a controversial music video release in my career. Nonetheless, here is “Molly”. Hope you enjoy it. Will post more behind the scenes about the video soon! Special thanks to my 8112 Studios crew (my video production company)!

Single cover that I photographed with our lead, Jenna Dalton
Our article in The Washington Post. Click for more on the article.