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My Mad Max Photoshoot With Full Behind The Scenes Video


A few months ago, I hit up my buddy Paul Miller, who is a movie director out of Southern California. Regular readers of my site may recognize Paul from my previous Mad Max Interceptor shoot. Paul told me that he is part of a group of folks that essentially constructs clothing, weapons, and even vehicles […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – Miami’s Ninja Connection (Semi NSFW)


My brother, who knows me too well, shared this with me. After 25 years, this amazing film re-releases in theaters out Nov 2. Im considering a group gathering to watch this in the theater. Just watch the trailer, it is amazing. Ninjas, 80s action, rock and roll, and dancing. Just wait until the last few […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – History Of The Future

Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 1.36.16 AM

Cyborgs! Another brilliant compillation from Seemed a fitting Valentines Day clip, don’t you think?

Monday Moment of Zen – Inception Cat / Labor Day Edition

Beware of Inception Cat. It is all just a dream. Have a good labor day & week folks! Follow my regular updates and links on Twitter: Don’t forget to check out my website:

Kaskade “Dynasty” – Our Newest Music Video Project


Check out the behind the video for Kaskade’s hit song “Dynasty” music video shoot my production company ( 8112 Studios ) shot for Ultra Records recently in Los Angeles. Kaskade’s album, also titled “Dynasty,” debuted on the iTunes top 10, knocking Justin Bieber off his throne that week. The video debuted as AOL’s music video […]

Your Monday Morning Moment of Zen – Power Of The Glow

A fight scene from one of my favorite 1980′s martial arts films, “The Last Dragon.” Trust me, you will be singing about the power of the glow for the rest of the day. Have a great week! Follow my regular updates and links on Twitter:

100 Years of Visual Graphics in Movies

This five minute youtube video showcases some of the most amazing movie visual effects of the past 100 years. It is surprising how advanced some of the visual effects were in the earlier films. Movies include: 1900 – The Enchanted Drawing 1903 – The Great Train Robbery 1923 – The Ten Commandments (Silent) 1927 – […]

Teaser…Something For You Movie Car Buffs Out There


A sneak peek from a shoot I just did in Los Angeles yesterday. Can you car movie buffs guess what this is? The “awesome” answer coming soon!

The Unicorn Project: It's Coming…

unicorn This is an exciting new project I have been working on this past year. More details will come soon….