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Photoshoot with UK Pop Star Conor Maynard With Lighting Diagram


I had a quick shoot in New York City last week with the young star from the UK. He debuted his album in America just a few days ago. This setup was pretty simple. The backdrop is real and not a drop-in. Only had a total of 15 minutes or so for a 3 setups, but I am used to moving fast :) Believe it or not, the shot above does not have a lot of post production on it at all.

Behind the scenes iphone shot

I ended up using 4 flashes and a single reflector for fill light. Shot this with my Phase One 645DF+ IQ140 camera. See the lighting diagram below.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 10.03.12 PM


LIGHTING DIAGRAM REVEALED: Guess My Lighting Setup – Bank Vault Portrait Edition

Been playing crazy catch up with my busy shooting schedule.

Finally, here are the results to how I lit the above photo from the original post a couple of weeks back:

Canon 5D Mark 2 with Canon 24-70 2.8L lens set to 48mm.

1/200 a second at f/13. ISO 200

The main light was a socked beauty dish and the gelled light is on a small shelf to his left around shoulder height.


I’ll give it to Luke Avery (www.luke-avery.com), who I believe got the closest. Great guesses everyone!:

I’m going with 2 lights inside the vault and one outside, and the darkness around the bottom of the frame was added in post.

In the vault:
A beauty dish with sock around head height, directly camera left of the subject and just hidden behind the doorframe/wall. An amber (Lee 105?) gelled flash in a standard reflector about 6-8ft camera left of the subject and pointed into the wall so that the hot spot is 3-4ft camera left of the subject.

Outside the vault:
A standard reflector (probably gridded) placed camera right so that it’s directly on axis with the doorway, about 6-8 ft high and aimed at the subject’s tie.