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My 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Photo On The Front Page Of Jeep.com


Cool! My Jeep Cherokee photo is jeep.com’s main image! Kind of a dream come true! This was part of the campaign I shot in Jackson, Wyoming a few months ago for Jeep. Never thought it would make the front page! I think the beauty of Wyoming did half the work for me on this project :)

This was taken with the Phase One 645DF+ IQ140 and the 75-150mm Leaf Shutter lens and natural light!


Photoshoot With Cari On The Farm Using New Phase One 75-150 Leaf Shutter


I recently ventured into West Virginia to do a personal (fun) shoot on a horse farm. Just an opportunity to mess around for a couple of hours on a beautiful day. Most of the shots were done with one or two lights, combined with ambient light. You can really see the dynamic range of the Phase One camera in the sky, and that new 75-150 leaf shutter I’ve been using is SHARP.

My lovely DC / Maryland / Virginia-based model was Cari Funkhouser: https://www.facebook.com/cari.funkhouser?fref=ts

Feel free to ask technical questions in the comments section below.


2 lights. Gridded beauty dish main light. Flash with silver 7″ reflector on the back for a bit of rim. Check out that dynamic range! Click photo to see larger
Click to see larger
Click to see larger
Click to see larger
The color and exposure effects on the image above were created using Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 4. You can see my settings here
The color and exposure effects on the image above were created using Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4. You can see my settings here. Click the photo to see larger.


Click to see larger
Click to see larger
Love the natural depth in this. The beauty of medium format and long focal length. click to see larger
Love the natural depth in this. The beauty of medium format and long focal length. click to see larger
Behind the curtain!
Behind the curtain!

Like Shooting Tethered? Check Out Some Of These Awesome Products From Tethered Tools

vimeo Direkt


If you haven’t heard of TetherTools.com yet, well… you have now. Tethered Tools makes a wide range of fantastic products to make your tethered shooting go more smoothly. They are your one stop shop for all of your tethered shooting gear needs including software… but you do have to provide the camera and computer.

Sure, they have all sorts of amazing custom configurable tables for your laptop/computer on set, but they go much further than that. Afraid of unplugging your cable from your computer or camera? They created this cool series of products called Jerkstoppers, which keeps you from causing inadvertent disconnections. Want to have easy access to your tablet device as well? They have solutions for that.

I’ve been enjoying playing with my Tether Tools setup and plan on adding custom options to my setup! You should definitely check out their site.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what software I use for my tethered shooting with my Phase One 645 DF+ IQ140 and my Canons, it’s Capture One Pro 7. You can download a fully-functional demo for free here.

My Phase One IQ140, powerbook, and Tether Tools setup


Here are some of the Tether Tools products that I have been using:


My Crazy New Customizable Camera Strap By Vulture Equipment Works


The American-based company Vulture Equipment Works hooked me up wish a crazy new camera strap for my Phase One, although it works on essentially any camera. Sure, it may appear bulky to some, but so did another “Made in America” product, the 1967 Pontiac GTO. Also, the hooks, straps and quick-releases all have a functional purpose. This strap system is very versatile and customizable, which I’ll demonstrate to you in a future post. I love this thing. Looks like my camera is ready for battle.

Background information from the Vulture website:


Somewhere around 10,000 feet, another plane in tight follow formation and a fevered rip of the shutter it hit me… “This is so cool, I need a really cool set of specialized equipment.”  Standard camera straps are just not that strong and definitely not that cool plus let’s face it, our lenses and bodies are thousands of dollars or more, so I’ve never trusted them.  I had to look no further than the C130 I was ridding in to find my inspiration, aviation cargo equipment and military special ops jump rigs, so with some time and a bunch of American ingenuity the Vulture Strap was born.

About Us

Vulture Equipment Works is an American equipment company who designs, manufactures and distributes the finest products possible for today’s imaging / outdoor professional.  Our passion lies in using only the best quality raw goods and developing highly specialized life-style gear that can last a lifetime.  Unlike most, we choose to do all of our R&D, design and prototyping ourselves, in-house at our headquarters just outside of Chicago.  This gives us complete control over the design process ensuring a true linear organic flow.  This also helps maintain our vision in the products integrity and the compatibility with the rest of our product line.  Plus we have a really tough mascot.

Vulture Equipment Works:


Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.26.09 PM

Catch Some Of My Work On The Phase One Camera Website

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.26.09 PM

Phase One is featuring some of the new images I took with my new Phase One and IQ digital back. See more here and click my name under the “photographer” menu. It’s always really exciting to know that the makers of your camera system choose your work to help represent the abilities and greatness of their technology! Whew! Mom is so proud.

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.30.54 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.26.14 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.26.04 PM