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My First Gallery Show In New York City

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You may recall my post before about shooting supercars in Miami. Well, it all has concluded with a little gallery show in the SoHo part of New York City last week. Never have really had my work in an actual gallery show before, and it felt cool having people stop by and check out what I shot and ask questions about it. Thanks Gawker, Intel, Phase One, and Nik Software for helping to make this happen!

Here is a great article that was done on the gallery show.

You can also check out the post on Gizmodo.com about it.

The show opening
Speaking at the photography panel with the rest of the team
With the other shooters and the Gawker Media team that made this all happen

I Have Joined The Fstoppers.com Team

I have joined the Fstoppers.com team officially. If you haven’t heard of it, its one of the most popular photography-focused behind the scenes video sites on the web. I’m one of their new contributing editors and hope to be sharing a lot of original content of my own. I hope to be shaking things up! Excited to be able to share with such a huge audience in the photo community! Thanks for everyone’s support and excitement about what I do.

Check out my first post on the site to learn more.