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Framed Awards – I’m A Finalist In The “Best Commercial Photographer” Category

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I’m a finalist in the [F]ramed awards as one of the “best commercial photographers” Its a contest where you are nominated by other photographers from blank ballots. Thanks for those that nominated me! Vote for me if you feel I am deserving of it!

You can go here to vote: http://framedawards.com/ARTISTS

Shout out to some of my photography friends in other categories: Blair Bunting, Pratik Naik, Glyn Dewis, Jeremy Cowart, Peter Hurley, and Fstoppers.com (in the companies category)

I Have Joined The Fstoppers.com Team

I have joined the Fstoppers.com team officially. If you haven’t heard of it, its one of the most popular photography-focused behind the scenes video sites on the web. I’m one of their new contributing editors and hope to be sharing a lot of original content of my own. I hope to be shaking things up! Excited to be able to share with such a huge audience in the photo community! Thanks for everyone’s support and excitement about what I do.

Check out my first post on the site to learn more.


My "Secret Agent" Photoshoot Video on FStoppers.com

One of my favorite photography websites (www.FStoppers.com) has posted another one of my behind the scenes videos on their page.  You can check it out: http://fstoppers.com/douglas-sonders-captures-a-secret-agent/

Douglas Sonders is an amazing photographer out of Washington DC, and his work is very stylized with studio lighting and exotic action themes. Check out this behind the scenes video as he brings out the weapons, poker chips, and Bond characters during his Secret Agent shoot. Also check out his website for more inspiring work!”

Thanks guys!