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Speed Racer Mach 5 Shoot Coming Very Soon


I’ve been teasing this shoot for a little while now. It’s almost time to release the full behind the scenes video and photo shoot! Stay tuned! Images shot on the Phase One IQ160.

Creating Exclusive Automotive Advertising Content For A Dealership Client


If you’re ever in Sebring, Florida visit Alan Jay Automotive’s Chevy/GMC/Cadillac dealer. You can see an installation of about 14 six to eight foot long canvas prints of exclusive automotive photography that I shot right in Sebring for the client. The client wanted unique automotive adverting content shot exclusively around their home base. I originally […]

One Of My Old Photoshoots Still Has Legs… MIT / NASA Mars Biosuit Portrait


Thanks to a tip from my buddy Elliot O’Donovan today, I discovered that one of my photographs is making its rounds on the internet today after appearing in Wired. In about 12 hours, the image has nearly 3200 notes/reblogs on tumblr alone. Want to know the crazy part? I did this photoshoot 4 years ago. […]

What Topics Would You Like Me To Cover In My First Kelby Training Online Photo Workshop?

Learn online with the pros

I’m touching up my script/topics for my first online photo workshop through Scott Kelby’s “Kelby Training“. They are flying my primary retoucher, Justin, and I down to Florida tomorrow to be filmed for an online class essentially on how to put together a conceptual advertising photoshoot. Should be great. We will touch on pre-production, the […]

Been Adventuring – Back To Blogging!


Hey gang, I know the blog posts have been a little thin this past week. Just got back from a working vacation where I got to do some ridiculous driving and adventuring with clients and friends (I love my job). I am back in the office and ready to rock with loads of more content […]

The Great American Geektrip – Vegas to Orlando in a Turbocharged DeLorean & a Ghostbusters Truck


Starting September 27, 2009 I will be driving with friends from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida in a turbocharged DeLorean & a custom Ghostbusters Truck.  We will spread the trip over 5 days, stopping at key American landmarks. This is the roadtrip I always wanted to take as a kid! I will be posting […]

Ian Carey S.O.S. Music Video We Just Finished Filming

My production company just finished this video. It was filmed in Florida on the RED Camera. My business partner Michael Zemrose directed this.

Cannonball Run Lamborghini Countach Photoshoot for Charity


Using the actual Lamborghini Countach from the original 1981 Cannonball Run movie, we created a poster to promote the Celebration Exotic Car Festival, an over the top car show created to raise money for the charity Make-A-Wish. The finished poster will be sold to the public and 100% of the profits will go to charity. Stay […]

The Space Shuttle Launch March 15, 2009 – My First Launch Experience


Due to the shuttle launch being rescheduled, I was able to go and see it while on other shoots in Florida. If I knew I could have seen the launch, I would have brought my Canon 400mm IS with a x2 attachment from home. All I had was my Canon 70-200 2.8L IS with a […]

My Photos in the Geico Garage Advertising Campaign


Here is an advertising campaign I have been working on the past month or two for Geico, shooting motorsports photos across the country. You may see some of the photos on a new awesome Geico power-sports website, Expect more photos and videos from this campaign soon!

Orlando, FL Video Blog – Some Off-Roading

I'm getting the hang of it...

So I am down in lovely Orlando, Florida for some shoots (okay Im avoiding the cold and snow up north). I met up with my good buddy Daniel, who wanted to show me his new toy, a mini off-road vehicle that goes up to 80 miles per hour and shifts like a motorcycle. I got […]