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Creating Exclusive Automotive Advertising Content For A Dealership Client

If you’re ever in Sebring, Florida visit Alan Jay Automotive’s Chevy/GMC/Cadillac dealer. You can see an installation of about 14 six to eight foot long canvas prints of exclusive automotive photography that I shot right in Sebring for the client. The client wanted unique automotive adverting content shot exclusively around their home base.

I originally teased this photo shoot on my blog a few months ago. Click here to see more photos.

Shout out to Canvas On Demand Pro Support for working on our pricing and incredible shipping rates. Imagine how much 14 canvas prints averaging about 6′ long cost to ship… Only cost me a total of $30! Everything shipped cost under $5k to print with COD’s holiday discount codes.

As you can imagine, the file sizes were huge! I shot these on Canon 5d Mark 2’s originally and used Perfect Resize 7 by onOneSoftware.com to enlarge these images without serious file quality degradation. I used Nik Software Photoshop plugins Viveza 2 (check out those moody clouds) and Color Efex to bring out detail in the cars, clouds, and background content and Silver Efex to do some awesome black and white conversions on color files (see below).

What a great group of people over at Alan Jay Automotive. They have a great reputation for being an honest dealer with excellent customer service. Next American car I buy will definitely be through them!

Some examples of the prints are shown below:

8 images. 2 very long prints. Main showroom.
8 feet long!

Customer lounge

One Of My Old Photoshoots Still Has Legs… MIT / NASA Mars Biosuit Portrait

Tumblr today. 3181 notes / reposts so far in about 12 hours

Thanks to a tip from my buddy Elliot O’Donovan today, I discovered that one of my photographs is making its rounds on the internet today after appearing in Wired. In about 12 hours, the image has nearly 3200 notes/reblogs on tumblr alone. Want to know the crazy part? I did this photoshoot 4 years ago. You see, this came from a personal shoot I did for my portfolio. I learned about the prototype Biosuit in some online article and I was so passionate about shooting it that I chased down the designers, Dava Newman and Gui Trotti at MIT, to beg them to let me photograph it. I scoured the internet for their contact information and hit them up. After some persuasion and showing them my website, I convinced them to let me fly down (on my own dime) to NASA’s Cape Canaveral location on my own dime and photograph the suit (modeled by the suit’s inventor, Dava) while it was on display at some space expo.

I had no plans on what I would do with these photos after I was done other than put them in my portfolio and possibly do a promo piece or two with it.  I was just so passionate about photographing the Biosuit, I just knew I had to do it. About 6 months after the photos sat in my portfolio I decided to do an email promo with 1 of the images. Within 10 minutes of the email blast going out, National Geographic called me asking to run the photo in an upcoming article. Last year, I got an email from Discovery Channel Magazine about doing a cover with one of my Biosuit portraits. Last month, I was contacted by the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. They commissioned one of my Biosuit shots for a long term exhibit on space exploration. Yesterday, Wired posted one of my Biosuit images, and it is make its way virally across the web.

I think the bigger lesson to be shared here is that you should shoot content that you truly are passionate about… subjects that drive you. In this case, a personal shoot may have cost me time and money but paid off in stock sales and many thousands (possibly many tens of thousands?) of views on the web and newsstands over the years. Shoot for you. Shoot what you think is cool. The rest will follow.

Here is another example of a shoot I pursued out of passion that has been published many times over since

National Geographic Adventure (old scan)
April 2010 issue
Up on the WIRED Magazine site this week
Boston Home Magazine

What Topics Would You Like Me To Cover In My First Kelby Training Online Photo Workshop?

I'm one of these "top pros" :)

I’m touching up my script/topics for my first online photo workshop through Scott Kelby’s “Kelby Training“. They are flying my primary retoucher, Justin, and I down to Florida tomorrow to be filmed for an online class essentially on how to put together a conceptual advertising photoshoot. Should be great. We will touch on pre-production, the photoshoot itself, and digital post production.

What other topics would you like to make sure I cover?

Looking forward to putting together a kick-butt online workshop for you guys!

Been Adventuring – Back To Blogging!

Hey gang, I know the blog posts have been a little thin this past week. Just got back from a working vacation where I got to do some ridiculous driving and adventuring with clients and friends (I love my job). I am back in the office and ready to rock with loads of more content for you!

What kind of blog posts would you like to see me write about in the coming weeks?

If you were following my updates on twitter this past week, you probably got to see some iPhone photos of the shenanigans I was getting myself into (see 2 attached examples). Keep updated: http://twitter.com/douglassonders

The Great American Geektrip – Vegas to Orlando in a Turbocharged DeLorean & a Ghostbusters Truck


Starting September 27, 2009 I will be driving with friends from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida in a turbocharged DeLorean & a custom Ghostbusters Truck.  We will spread the trip over 5 days, stopping at key American landmarks.

This is the roadtrip I always wanted to take as a kid! I will be posting daily roadtrip blogs with many photos and video clips (barring any technical difficulties).


The Ghostbusters Truck started life as a 2006 Chevy Silverado, but was modified with functioning lights, siren, and Ghostbusters graphics. It also happens to be autographed by Dan Akroyd.

landspeederThe Turbo DeLorean is owned and piloted by my good friend Daniel Deutsch, who happens to be an epic robot and movie prop builder. You may recognize the Luke Skywalker Landspeeder photo on my website. Well that Landspeeder happens to be one of Daniel’s many brilliant creations.

Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE: My buddy Ben Moody of the band We Are The Fallen informed us we should change the name of the trip to the “Great American Geektrip” from “The Great American Nerdtrip.” He is right, this is more of a geeky endeavor.

A map of the epic journey
A map of our epic journey

Expect stops in Vail and the Grand Canyon for some epic photo opportunities.