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One Of My New Jeep Cherokee Ad Campaigns Caught In The Wild!


If you are flipping through this month’s Road and Track Magazine (the one with the new Ford Mustang on the cover), you will definitely see the first of my Jeep Cherokee print ads in the wild. Well, you won’t have to go far because it’s on the inside of the front cover :)

Don’t fret. My Phase One came with me too :)

If you followed my various forms of social media, you probably saw I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming taking photos. My job was to shoot fun print and web advertorial content for Road and Track and Car and Driver Magazines over the course of a week of the new redesigned Jeep Cherokee. They gave me 2 pre-released vehicles and drivers and essentially told me to go nuts (in more or less words), and go nuts I did.

So the Cherokee may not share the rugged squared-off looks of its predecessor, but with its new platform comes better and class-leading off road capability (trust me, I pushed my luck and it handled itself well), excellent road manners, great gas mileage, and impressive technology. I was a skeptic at first, but HONESTLY for under $40k you cannot beat what this thing can offer you in a small-to-mid SUV.

I’ll make sure to share more content as they become live. Got some purty Wyoming/off-roading images that I would love to share with you!






Detroit And Its Awesome Photoshoot Locations


Sure, Detroit may be known for things like its extreme crime, car theft, corrupt mayor, Detroit Auto Show, but it also happens to be one of my new favorite places to shoot in. Detroit has some of the most incredible “ruin porn” locations (places that look like they were ravaged by the post-apocalypse). For example, see Saint Agnes Church below. I may or may not have walked in the wide-open front door of the long-abandoned church with or without a permit and proceeded to do an entire portrait session.


Detroit has a lot of really awesome locations, just make sure to be careful. Use your best judgement. Do not travel to rough parts of town alone, do not leave gear in your car, do not explore rough parts of town at night. Make sure to hit up the really helpful photographers in the Detroit area for location advice. That’s what I did!

Here are a few photoshoot location that I love in Detroit (I’ve shot in these places or would like to in the future):

- The Packard Plant (dangerous place, use the buddy system, but its an awesome location): http://www.flickr.com/groups/packard/

The Packard Plant via my instagram account
The Packard Plant via my instagram account

- The Garden Of The Gods at the Packard Plant: http://scotthocking.com/gardenof.html 

- The Michigan Theater in downtown. A former ornate theater turned parking garage. For the $8 parking fee per car and if you’re very polite, you can go shoot up there on the top level with the cool ceiling without a permit (that’s what I did) : http://weburbanist.com/2011/01/01/detroits-michigan-theater-the-worlds-most-beautiful-parking-lot/

- The abandoned Michigan Central Station. Recently a 50 Cent rap video was filmed in there. You apparently can permit to get inside, just be weary of the wild dogs that allegedly patrol the property. Yikes: http://www.seedetroit.com/MCS/mcsweb/

- Saint Agnes Church (I literally walked in the front door in the middle of the day) : http://detroitfunk.com/?p=4926 

- – – -

Have more questions about shooting in Detroit? Hit up one of my favorite assistants and producers Matt LaVere. This guy has a fantastic can-do attitude and works harder than any assistant I have ever hired. Great shooter too!

Detroit is not a terrible place. It’s just a city filled with a lot of spirit that faced some hard times, but is fighting its way back up. Downtown is full of life and culture. When you’re in town, make sure to hit up one of my favorite BBQ joints: Slow’s BBQ


Preview: My Photoshoot With The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty Movie Car

vimeo Direkt

Lots of fun shoots going on these days! Just got back from photographing the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. This was one of 2 surviving screen used hero cars from the recent movie (not including stunt cars that were cut up or destroyed). I photographed the car as part of my ongoing photo series called The Unicorn Project, about TV and movie cars (originals and replicas).

Soon, I will be releasing the entire edited photos set as well as a behind the scenes video with how to do an automotive rig shot (the rig is the boom arm and suction cup mounted to the car – see below). If you love cars, movies, and/or photography you will love this set when it comes out.

Thanks for everyone’s support and keep an eye out! You can subscribe to this blog on the right side of the page to keep up with my new posts.

Was nervous to mount my Phase One on there for my first try with a rig. Maybe next time!

12 - 1

Sometimes All You Need Is An iPhone Camera And Photo Editing Apps v.24023.3

I was doing a shoot with a friend in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. While a 60 megapixel medium format Phase One was slung around my neck, I decided to snap this with my iPhone of Nora just casually exploring the deep woods. I did a black and white conversion, some contrast, sharpness/detail, and tilt-shift effects using Nik Software’s Snapseed app. Came out awesome I think! I may print this out for the office.

Another reason why I think standard point and shoot cameras are in trouble if phones can snap images like this and be edited all in the same device! What do you think?


Learning To Fly – Fun With A Trampoline And The Phase One IQ160

I took the day yesterday to do a personal shoot. We had a beautiful, but hot, day here in the Washington DC area. Some friends came together to help with the shoot. Shooting with a digital medium format, the Phase One IQ160, is pretty awesome. You can see in the image above, the incredible depth and detail of the subject and the clouds behind. The images were sucked in using Capture One software by Phase One and the black and white conversion above, for example, was created using Nik Software (Silver Efex Pro) within Capture One using easy to create custom process recipes.

Honestly, due to the ease of use of the camera system and its incredible quality, this shoot was pretty easy and I am very pleased with the results thus far. Just needed a few willing subjects, some volunteer assistant friends, an old trampoline, a couple of lights, and the IQ160.

vimeo Direkt
Setting up with a trampoline and the Phase One IQ160
Photo by: http://www.facebook.com/DCPPhotographer
Joe C jumps on the trampoline on top of some stairs
Using Capture One software to review my 60 Megapixel raw files and process them using Nik Software plugins

60 Megapixels Of Glory – Shooting With The Phase One IQ160

Say hello to my new friend

I am excited and proud to announce I have a new partnership with the makers of one of the finest digital camera systems and capture software in the world, Phase One, and my favorite photography plug-ins by Nik Software. Digital Transitions and Phase One have provided me with a brand new Phase One body with 60 Megapixel IQ160 digital back with its incredible and intuitive touch screen control system to play with for awhile.

I will get into more details after I can do a full review, BUT I can say that this camera and associated capture software (Capture One) are literally changing the way I shoot. It’s incredible. Sure, its nice to have a lot of resolution, but aside from that there’s the unbelievable high flash sync speed (up to 1/1600!!), incredible depth and clarity with the medium format sensor (no DSLR can touch), 12.5 f-stops of dynamic range!!, etc etc etc. You have to see the images to believe, which I will share with you in future posts. Stay tuned for some pictures and video as the summer progresses!

Trying the Phase One out on my photoshoot with 50 Cent in New York City
Band promo shoot with the rock band 3 Doors Down and the Phase One