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My Crazy New Customizable Camera Strap By Vulture Equipment Works


The American-based company Vulture Equipment Works hooked me up wish a crazy new camera strap for my Phase One, although it works on essentially any camera. Sure, it may appear bulky to some, but so did another “Made in America” product, the 1967 Pontiac GTO. Also, the hooks, straps and quick-releases all have a functional purpose. This strap system is very versatile and customizable, which I’ll demonstrate to you in a future post. I love this thing. Looks like my camera is ready for battle.

Background information from the Vulture website:


Somewhere around 10,000 feet, another plane in tight follow formation and a fevered rip of the shutter it hit me… “This is so cool, I need a really cool set of specialized equipment.”  Standard camera straps are just not that strong and definitely not that cool plus let’s face it, our lenses and bodies are thousands of dollars or more, so I’ve never trusted them.  I had to look no further than the C130 I was ridding in to find my inspiration, aviation cargo equipment and military special ops jump rigs, so with some time and a bunch of American ingenuity the Vulture Strap was born.

About Us

Vulture Equipment Works is an American equipment company who designs, manufactures and distributes the finest products possible for today’s imaging / outdoor professional.  Our passion lies in using only the best quality raw goods and developing highly specialized life-style gear that can last a lifetime.  Unlike most, we choose to do all of our R&D, design and prototyping ourselves, in-house at our headquarters just outside of Chicago.  This gives us complete control over the design process ensuring a true linear organic flow.  This also helps maintain our vision in the products integrity and the compatibility with the rest of our product line.  Plus we have a really tough mascot.

Vulture Equipment Works: