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What’s In My Travel Commercial Photography Camera Bag – 2014 Edition

A lot of people message and ask what I use on the road, considering I am constantly on the road travelling for shoots. I hope this answers your questions. I provided hotlinks throughout the list in case you wanted to pickup any of this out for yourself. Feel free to message/comment with any questions you may have. I did a post like this awhile back, but since I’ve bought a bunch of new gear this year, here is an updated list of what I carry to most photo shoots in my Think Tank Aiport Security bag (the Airport Security is airplane carry-on legal size).


I also always travel with a separate laptop bag as my second carry-on. Here are some things I always have in there:
  • 15″ Mac Book Pro with 2 batteries
  • iPad3 (sometimes a second iPad as well) – I use this for wireless tethering/camera control, image review with clients, and watching movies and reading books (kindle app) during my constant travel. It also always has a copy of my portfolio downloaded to it if I want to show off my work to a new/old client.
  • Garmin GPS because I am in rental cars in strange places all of the time. I love my Nuvi 2555LMT because its compact, fast, lifetime map updates, and even has live traffic updates.
  • Wireless router – not for internet, but to create a dedicated on-set wireless network between my iPad, laptop, and cameras for tethering purposes thanks to Capture Pilot and Capture One software.
  • 2 sets of headphones – I always need one for when I run or use the hotel gym (always bring my running shoes) and I am always destroying or losing a pair.
  • 4G data card for my laptop, because being connected on the road is crucial
  • CF card reader
  • Various apple chargers for iPhone and iPad

Again, I hope this helps! Feel free to post questions.

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Added A New “Transportation” Photography Portfolio To My Website

In a long-overdue move, I have now added a “Transportation” section to my photography portfolio and website. It is a work in progress and I have a lot of images to add to it, but I think it is worth a look! May see some new stuff in there I haven’t posted before.

Link to see the new portfolio: CLICK HERE