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My “Not A Bully” Dog Portrait Series Under Way!


If you haven’t already seen or heard from my various forms of social media, I am developing a new site NotABully.org (site is far from finished), which is dedicated to help defeat the negative stigmas that surround bully breed dogs such as Pitbulls. Pitbulls like my own rescue mix, Emma, that I adopted earlier this year (see below). There is a LOT of incredible stuff going on behind the scenes. Cannot wait to share. In the meantime, you can head over to NotABully.org and sign up to receive updates on the right side of the main page.

UnderbiteThis is how my Emma smiles
Underbite: This is how my Emma smiles

This past weekend I had a great group of rescue bully breed dogs in studio today to have their portraits taken for the Not A Bully campaign (studio space graciously donated by Charles Butler, who runs Union206 photography studio in Alexandria, VA, which is a great rental photo studio space I use often). I promise we will post photos when they are ready. Thanks to my volunteers that assisted and shot behind the scenes today: Fabiano ReaniAj LaGraveEmily AbrilHannah Yoest. Also, special note to my volunteer graphic designer Maggie Cameron for logo design and text layout. Amazing job.

Emma and Porter become close friends. Porter is a rescue that was found with a broken jaw, split tongue, and broken back legs after a man was discovered stomping on him on a city street. Despite all of this, Porter is sweet, gentle, and loving to all.

All I Ask For My Birthday: Help Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others

vimeo Direkt

My birthday is 9 days away and there is only 1 thing I’d like… ok 2 things… alright maybe 3. I would like for my friends to help make a difference in the lives of others. Sure, birthdays are an opportunity to feel special for 1 day as your loved ones celebrate your birth and inflate your ego the size of planet Mars, but this year I really want to give back.

My friend, photographer Nicole Wolf, is working with the charity New Reality International (see video below) to help needy in Haiti. Nicole is working with NRI on a new project to raise money to build homes for families stuck living in refugee camps. Every little bit helps. They are only a few thousand dollars away from funding their next home in Haiti.

YouTube Direkt

I hope you will contribute. Any little bit helps. You can make my birthday wish come true and help others in need in the process! Thanks guys.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank


Keep Positive Thoughts For Winston The Boxer / Donate To The Humane Society

iPhone photo of Winston nervously approaching a snow man

Some of my regular readers will recognize my trusty companion, 8 year old Winston Churchill the Boxer. He goes into surgery today to have some serious dental work and tumor removal from his body. He should be ok in the end, but always pretty scary when your child has to go under then knife.

In honor of good dogs like Winston and the poor helpless dogs and cats out there needing homes and special care, donate to the Washington Humane Society. Spread the love. Pay it forward, and keep my little guy in your thoughts today.

Link to learn more and donate: washhumane.org

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Fashion Fights Poverty Photoshoot 2009


I shot these photos for the charity Fashion Fights Poverty in my backyard. You can see more in the event’s look book, which you can purchase to benefit the charity.

Styling was by Daniel Pino.

Clothing provided by Orangia.




About Fashion Fights Poverty (from their website):

Created by Style & Image Network in 2005, Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) is, according to the Washington Post and Biz Bash magazines, “one of the largest fashion fundraisers in Washington, DC” and is a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Featuring national and international designers who employ ethical means and practices in their design and manufacturing processes to produce products that promote economic development and the betterment of a given community, FFP provides a forum for dialogue and awareness-building about how fashion, textiles, and design can alleviate poverty and empower communities.

Fashion Fights Poverty is about two things: one, it rewards and recognizes designers and organizations who embrace the powerful potential of creativity and design to address issues of poverty by adhering to such principles as fair trade, equitable compensation and the use of environmentally-sustainable materials.

Two, Fashion Fights Poverty is about responsible consumerism and providing equally attractive marketing and branding platforms (such as the “Dress Responsibly” lookbook) between ethical designers and the growing population of socially-conscious shoppers. By focusing on both producer and consumer, FFP hopes to extend the dialogue and participation in poverty eradication beyond think tanks and policy makers to include manufacturers and consumers alike.

FFP is about action and promoting positive behavior. We are not telling people to stop shopping. Rather, we are showing opportunities to do so responsibly and, in the process, engage organizations and enterprises which use fashion, design and creativity as a means of addressing the most important issues of our time.


I have donated a few shoots to them over the years and always had fun. Previous years I had fantastic models like Darryl McDaniels (“DMC” of legendary rap group Run DMC), Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, and country artists Rockie Lynne & Danielle Peck.

Some of my photos from previous years…you may be able to tell that my style and logos have changes a lot over the years:





Hello Monday!

I got to drive one of the original screen-used Knight Rider (aka K.I.T.T.) cars this weekend! Video coming!
I got to drive one of the original screen-used Knight Rider (aka K.I.T.T.) cars this weekend! Video coming!


Hope everyone had a great weekend! I promise to have some real posts for you soon. I have been in Florida all weekend helping with a Make-A-Wish charity car show, which has kept me pretty busy!

I am proud to say that a portrait session with me was auctioned off during the weekend for a five-figure dollar amount for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which will pay for at least 2 kids’ wishes to come true! I’m so thrilled!!

In the meantime, have you seen my 30+ photo/adventure videos on Vimeo?

Check em out! Vimeo.com/DouglasSonders

You can also follow my adventures on twitter: twitter.com/douglassonders

Fashion For Paws – Video Coverage

My production company, 8112 Studios, was hired to cover the Fashion for Paws event at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC this past weekend. It was a fun event full of human and four-legged runway fashion all in honor of raising money for the Humane Society. Check out the video below!