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Monday Moment of Zen – Video Dating Montage Magic

YouTube Direkt

I wish romance went back to the days of the video dating service. The world would be a more interesting place. Shout out to my boy Fred going in costume.

Have a great week everyone!

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Seether – "Careless Whisper" Music Video

My photo of Seether for their new single
My photo of Seether for their new single

As some of you may recall, I photographed Seether for their promo material, as well as the cover of their hit single “Careless Whisper,” which is a rock and roll retake of the George Michael hit 80’s song.  I just had a chance to check out their music video for the song, which released this past summer.

Their video is made to look like some of the best Nintendo and Atari games from my 80’s childhood. I love what they did! My favorite part is when Shaun, the lead singer, becomes Teen Wolf and car surfs on top of the A-Team van as Mr. T drives followed by the George Michael / California Raisins dance party.


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