Catch My New Intro To DSLR Photography Workshops – Weekends October And November

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Do you have a Digital SLR camera, but only know how to use it in automatic mode? Treating it like a glorified point and shoot? Interested in photography, but need a good foundation course? Let me fix that and teach you how to be a better photographer in my 3 hour intro to DSLR photography […]

Catch My Photo / Video Workshops At Profusion Pro Imaging Expo June 2013 in Toronto Canada

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Greetings fellow creatives and Canadians! I have been recruited to teach workshops at the upcoming Profusion Pro Imaging Expo taking place June 18-19 2013 in Toronto. Aside from doing some rad Phase One and Profoto demos, I will also be teaching workshops like: “The Power of Marketing your Personal Brand” and “Shooting a Music Video/Short […]

It’s A Wrap! Was A Great Lighting Workshop In DC This Weekend!


Great intro to studio lighting class today in the Washington DC area! Thanks to everyone that came out and collaborated. We discussed the fundamentals of portrait lighting, light modifiers, shaping light, and telling a story with light. I will be doing more classes in a city near you in the future!

Intro To Studio Lighting Class By Douglas Sonders Coming To DC


Have a digital SLR camera and want to FINALLY how to use off-camera flash? You know, something more than that pop-up flash or that hotshoe on-camera flash? I will be teaching the fundamentals of “studio lighting” and how you can take the next step with your photography. Class will be taking place in Norther Virginia, […]

My New Intro To DSLR Photography Class Is Now Being Offered


My special photography class that living social approached me to do at their new 918 F St building once again is now available! Check out the video & class info at the following link. Ill be doing classes during the weekends in January 2013:  

My Next Studio / Flash Lighting Workshop Is Coming To DC This Saturday


Shoot a lot of natural light photos but want to know how to effectively shoot with off-camera flashes like the big dogs without breaking the bank? I’ll show you that you do not need a lot of expensive gear to create some of the most dynamic photos you have ever captured. Learn more CLICK HERE

My New Photography Class With Living Social 918F Street DC

Teaching at Photoshop World earlier this year

Living Social has asked me to come back and teach another few intermediate DSLR photography classes at their 918F Street location in Washington DC. The class went on sale today and seats are going fast if you want to join us! Will be on the weekends. Starts late May and goes into June. Last time […]

Erik Almas Reminded Me To Stop Photographing Junk


APA DC hosted commercial photographer Erik Almas to speak about his lighting, shooting, and retouching styles this week. I was very thankful to have the time to attend for a variety of reasons. No matter where you may or may not be in your career, it is crucial to take the time to learn from […]

Register For My Upcoming Photoshop Webinar With Nik Software

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In case you didn’t see the recent email blast from my friends over at Nik Software, I’ll be featured in an upcoming webinar on April 10, 2012 from 10 to 11am (Pacific Time). Learn about how I use post-production to create some of the most dynamic images in my portfolio. I will go through my process […]

One Down, 15 To Go! Lots Of Photography Instructing On The Horizon


Here is an iPhone photo of the first of my 16 sold out photography classes I’m doing over the next 3 weekends. Great crowd. Going to be a busy month teaching nearly 650 folks! Following these classes, I will also be teaching at Photoshop World in DC next month. Make sure to come by and see […]

Dates Added to My Living Social Intro To DSLR Photography Class

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Due to high demand, a few more seats were added to my class schedule of the next month. In DC and want to learn how to make the most out of your digital SLR camera? Just head over to this link:

My Special Living Social Photography Class Sold Out Fast!


My special Living Social photography class sold out in 1 day. That’s 2 days earlier than projected. Looking forward to meeting all 476 of you! I’ve been getting emails and phone calls from lots of folks asking when my next set of classes will be. Keep an eye on my facebook page and I will […]

Check Out My Special DSLR Photography Class With Living Social


My special photography class that living social approached me to do to promote their new 918 F St building has almost sold all 500 seats in in about half a day with 2 days left in the offer! Holy Cow! Got phone calls across the country and from people I havent seen in 20 years about […]

Do A Photo Walk With Me Around DC At The Next Photoshop World March 2012

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See your Photoshop World email this morning? They announced that you can have a chance to do a photo walk around DC with me during the next photoshop world in March, which takes place March 24-26, 2012. Happy to have the opportunity! I mean if youre going to do a photo walk around DC, might […]

My New 90 Minute Online Photography Workshop Is Out!


My Kelby Training class is finally up and live! Watch over an hour of me on set talking about putting a shoot together from pre-produciton all the way through to post-production. Click the image above to sign up and check it out!

Video Trailer For My New Photography Class Is Out

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The trailer for my new class coming out December 12 is finally out. Check it out and spread the word. You can sign up on the site to see my first full video workshop. I discuss how to put together an advertising shoot all the way from pre-production, to shoot day, to the post-production […]

Catch One Of My Classes At The Next Photoshop World – March 2012 Washington DC


Make sure to catch one of my classes at the next Photoshop World, March 2012 in DC. They just officially added me to the instructor list on the site Will be announcing my classes soon! This is all in addition to my upcoming video going up on the site in the next few weeks. […]

I Am Up On The Photography Workshop Website

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I am up on the website and should be soon followed by the release of my video workshop “Advertising Photo Shoot with Douglas Sonders.” Pretty exciting to see my name up there in lights with some incredible talent. Hope you guys like the workshop when it comes out! Will announce when it debuts.

My First Online Photo Workshop For Is On The Way

in-studio showing off some computer magic

Just got back from a wild photography adventure in Florida. The Kelby team filmed me for 3 days for my very first information and action-packed (approx. 60-90 minute) photography workshop video. I won’t give away all of my surprises, but the attached photos from only one of the shooting 3 filming days should give you […]

What Topics Would You Like Me To Cover In My First Kelby Training Online Photo Workshop?

Learn online with the pros

I’m touching up my script/topics for my first online photo workshop through Scott Kelby’s “Kelby Training“. They are flying my primary retoucher, Justin, and I down to Florida tomorrow to be filmed for an online class essentially on how to put together a conceptual advertising photoshoot. Should be great. We will touch on pre-production, the […]

I Am Joining The Kelby Training Team – Crazy New Online Workshops to Come

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If you haven’t heard of Scott Kelby or the NAPP at this point, you should have! The Kelby Media team handles the big Photoshop publications (like Photoshop User Magazine) as well as run the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). This week I just signed an exciting deal with Kelby Training (division of Kelby Media […]

Aftermath Of My February 2011 New York City Photography Workshop


WHEW! Finally getting around to doing the recap. Held an awesome photography workshop at Fast Ashley’s Photo Studio in Brooklyn, New York. We had a couple of fun models and a solid group of good people in attendance. We focused on lighting techniques inside the studio and some outside lighting setups as well. My retoucher, […]

Look What Arrived From One Of My Great Sponsors, Lost Luggage Portfolios!

Another awesome giveaway for my photography workshop on Sunday (02/27/11) in New York City just arrived from one of my sponsors, Lost Luggage. Its a beautiful brown leather portfolio book with an 02 Bag portfolio case and printable inkjet pages from Moab. All of my portfolios have been made by Lost Luggage and my clients […]

UPDATES: My February 27th New York City Photography Workshop Giveaways

Giving away a gift certificate for a FREE new Ona Union Street camera/laptop bag. I have one of these and it's one of my favorite day bags in my arsenal.

The big day is in 1 week! My workshop is being held in a drive-in photo studio in Brooklyn, New York (just outside of Manhattan) next Sunday the 27th. There are a few spots left in the workshop hanging out in the open waiting to be snagged! It’s only $300 for a full day with […]