New HUGE Behind The Scenes Video Gallery Added To My Website

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Do you like behind the scenes videos? Want to see how I put together a lot of my shoots? I added a huge video gallery to my website so you can see most of the behind the scenes photo and video shoot videos I have ever created. Even if you follow most things I post, […]

Catch My Video Lighting Tips In The New Issue Of Lite It Magazine – February 2013


Catch my new article in the new issue of Lite It Magazine! I wrote an article and also created a short video sharing tips about affordable and easy ways to set up interview lighting for video and how you can get your hands on expensive equipment without going broke in the process! Pick it up […]

Driving and Photographing The Real Speed Racer Mach 5 (With Video)


I was recently hired by the team over atTheRealMach5.com to shoot new marketing images of the “the only officially licensed Mach 5 in the world that was built to the Speed Racer cartoon Mach 5 specifications”. As you can see from the video, it was a hot hot day. I was probably suffering from heat stroke […]

Here It Is: 12 Career Tips For New And Emerging Photographers


  I get this email all the time. I’m a new/aspiring/struggling/young photographer and I want to know what advice you have for me? I literally get this email or tweet or facebook message daily. I suppose that’s what I get for teaching at conferences and offering whatever possibly wisdom that I can share publicly. For […]

My Free Post-Production Webinar Is Live On The Nik Software Blog

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Using Nik Software To Step Up Your On-Location Photoshoots with Douglas Sonders A few weeks ago I did a live webinar for Nik Software, showcasing how I do some of my Photoshop post-production and how I apply my favorite Nik Software plugins. They have the video posted up on their site to view at your […]

My New Photography Class With Living Social 918F Street DC

Teaching at Photoshop World earlier this year

Living Social has asked me to come back and teach another few intermediate DSLR photography classes at their 918F Street location in Washington DC. The class went on sale today and seats are going fast if you want to join us! Will be on the weekends. Starts late May and goes into June. Last time […]

“Closing Bell” – The Photoshop Composite Breakdown Of A Personal Shoot

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It feels good to get back to my old shooting style. It’s like coming back home. I realized after hearing Erik Almas speak last week, that I have not been shooting the type of photos that I have been known to do earlier in my career…photos with lots of poppy contrast, motion, and energy (few […]

Video Tutorial : Quick Face Retouching Using Adobe Photoshop CS6

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I’ve had requests to do a quick tutorial on how to retouch faces in Photoshop. This will show you some easy quick tips on how to make a fresh look more refreshed and healthy, without looking alien or over-photoshopped, which is a big hazard these days. I play with the new Photoshop CS6 to show […]

Want To Try Out The Brand New Adobe Photoshop CS6 Before It Comes Out? Learn More Here

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I’ve been having a blast playing with the new Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta (pre-release), as you can see above. Want to try it out? Click the image above or the link below. No serial numbers necessary! I’ll share a comprehensive personal review soon. LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS6 BETA Want to learn about all of the […]

Behind The Scenes With My Corey Barker Action Shoot


Teaser from a fun personal shoot I did with my friend/retoucher/fellow Kelby instructor Corey Barker during the Photoshop World DC pre-con last week. I hope this teaser gets you as excited to see more! This is just a small taste. Behind the scenes video, more edited photos, lighting and diagrams are coming soon. Just stay tuned.

Register For My Upcoming Photoshop Webinar With Nik Software

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In case you didn’t see the recent email blast from my friends over at Nik Software, I’ll be featured in an upcoming webinar on April 10, 2012 from 10 to 11am (Pacific Time). Learn about how I use post-production to create some of the most dynamic images in my portfolio. I will go through my process […]

My New 90 Minute Online Photography Workshop Is Out!


My Kelby Training class is finally up and live! Watch over an hour of me on set talking about putting a shoot together from pre-produciton all the way through to post-production. Click the image above to sign up and check it out!

Editing A Jeep Photo For A Print Advertisement [Time Lapse] And Lighting Diagram

I will probably submit an alternate version with punchier clouds and a little more contrast. I essentially accomplish this by using Nik Software Viveza 2 on the final "after" file. See below to see my Viveza settings to create this alternate version.

Here is a quick 40 second video showing all the little elements I touch up before an ad. In this case, I am working on an images of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee  This was not a particularly complicated edit, but you can see a little bit of the process I go into, nonetheless. The […]

I Am Up On The KelbyTraining.com Photography Workshop Website

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I am up on the KelbyTraining.com website and should be soon followed by the release of my video workshop “Advertising Photo Shoot with Douglas Sonders.” Pretty exciting to see my name up there in lights with some incredible talent. Hope you guys like the workshop when it comes out! Will announce when it debuts.

Monday Moment Of Zen – The Complexity Of Automotive Composites

Screen shot 2011-10-09 at 9.26.09 PM

Richard Morris created this short video to show what kind of compositing goes into a car advertising image. Intense, huh? [original source]

Tutorial: How I Retouch A Portrait For A Magazine Cover – Blink 182 Edition

I show you how I prepped Mark's cover in the video...

This is a follow-up tutorial from my original blog post the other week when I announced the 4 covers Alt Press Magazine was releasing from my Blink 182 photoshoot in Los Angeles. I do a quick and dirty tutorial of how I cleaned up and retouched one of the portraits for the cover of the […]

Video Tutorial Of My Post Production Process (Beard Portrait Series Edition)

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 1.47.08 AM

In case you were wondering, here is an 8-minute screen capture video of my post-production process for my new beard portrait series. See how I get that great extra texture and contrast in photoshop. I will be doing more tutorials of my process as time progresses. Now remember, great photos can not be captured with […]

Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 Video Tutorial – Plugin That Converts Your Color Images To High Quality Black and White

Screen shot 2011-07-25 at 10.53.35 PM

I have been receiving requests for awhile to do tutorials on my post-production processes. Today I discuss one of my favorite Photoshop Plugins: Silver Efex Pro 2 by Nik Software. It’s a fantastic color to black and white image conversion plugin. Check out some of its easy to use features, as well as some of […]