The Challenges And Benefits Of Being A Traveling Professional Photographer


Recently, a young talented photographer that is on his way to a very promising career asked me about how I handled traveling so much. You see he was about to accept some projects that would take him away from home for an extended period of time and he was concerned about how he would take […]

Need An Indestructible Lighting Case That’s Lighter Than The Competition? The Pelican iM2950


When you travel on assignment over 100k miles a year like I do, you start to learn the importance of durable cases for your gear and slimming down on weight to save on baggage fees. For years I have been flying around with the Pelican 1650 to protect my flashes. I had it so fine-tuned […]

I Never Thought It Would Be Possible To Love A Light Stand Like This: Manfrotto 1004BAC


Regular followers of my blog and various forms of social media already know I travel a LOT for shoots. We are talking over 100k miles and thousands spent in baggage fees a year! Thus, a streamlined effective travel kit loaded with gear that doesn’t waste space or weight is crucial for me. I’ve been spending […]

Route 66 Road Trip In A 1971 Dodge Challenger

13 - 1

Recently, I was in the Mojave Desert filming a music video project. The plot was centered around a road trip starring the musician and her friends. I cannot say much more than that, but I can say I had the opportunity to transport the vehicle between locations along historic Route 66. I mean, if you […]

Catch My Photo / Video Workshops At Profusion Pro Imaging Expo June 2013 in Toronto Canada

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.17.51 PM

Greetings fellow creatives and Canadians! I have been recruited to teach workshops at the upcoming Profusion Pro Imaging Expo taking place June 18-19 2013 in Toronto. Aside from doing some rad Phase One and Profoto demos, I will also be teaching workshops like: “The Power of Marketing your Personal Brand” and “Shooting a Music Video/Short […]

Detroit And Its Awesome Photoshoot Locations


Sure, Detroit may be known for things like its extreme crime, car theft, corrupt mayor, Detroit Auto Show, but it also happens to be one of my new favorite places to shoot in. Detroit has some of the most incredible “ruin porn” locations (places that look like they were ravaged by the post-apocalypse). For example, […]

Just Got Back From My Photography Speaking Tour Through China


Phase One asked me to go on a speaking tour through China for a week (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing) to share about my photo career, creative inspiration, and being a Phase One shooter myself, to demo their innovative new IQ2 digital medium format camera back system. Now, many miles later, I am back in America. This was a […]

I Visited Hong Kong & Did A DigitalRev Cheap Camera Challenge


After flying in to Hong Kong from Washington DC just hours before for my speaking tour, I had the great honor and pleasure to be a part of Digital Rev’s Cheap Camera Challenge. A broken Holga + jet lag + beer + a goof like myself = What could go wrong? 2 days before hitting […]

What My Last Two Weeks Have Been Like (Hint: zoom, vroom, brrrr, whoosh)


First of all, apologies for the few blog posts the past month. It has been a wild and diverse 2013 so far! In the past two weeks alone I shot a magazine cover in pittsburgh, taught photography to 250 people in DC (taught over 600 folks in the month of January), filmed a TV ad […]

What’s In My Travel Commercial Photography Camera Bag – 2014 Edition


A lot of people message and ask what I use on the road, considering I am constantly on the road travelling for shoots. I hope this answers your questions. I provided hotlinks throughout the list in case you wanted to pickup any of this out for yourself. Feel free to message/comment with any questions you may […]

Fitness For Your Photography And Your Life – A Call Out To The Community


About 6 months ago, I hit a wall. I’ll be honest, work was overwhelming and my personal life was a mess. Running two companies (the photography and my production company 8112 Studios) takes a toll on your mind and body, not to mention flying about 100k miles a year on assignments. In a sense, I was […]

Just Got Back From Vegas – iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012


I just got back from shooting in Las Vegas this past weekend. I was one of the official shooters for the iHeartRadio Fetivals, which was one of the most impressive and amazing concert experiences of my entire life. Check out the list of music acts! I got to photograph or meet or rub elbows with […]

Loving New Mexico And Exploring The Open Road

iPhone 4 HDR mode, Snapseed App, Instagram

The last couple of days I have been in New Mexico on assignment. My shoot was actually a portrait job that only took one morning, but I decided to take an extra day to just explore, since I have been non stop the past month with shoots and travel. For once, I just pointed my […]

I’m Back! Where Did I Go This Week? LA / DC / Orlando Adventures

The start of the road rally

Apologies for this slow posts this past week. I’ve been on the road shooting various photo campaigns and projects. I will be posting behind the scenes and updates, but here is a small taste… This weekend I competed in a road rally in the new 2012 Bentley Continental GT with my boys. Must have been quite […]

The New Acura NSX Concept, Tony Stark, And The New Promo Video

iPhone photo of the NSX concept while at the Detroit Auto Show

I know this isn’t a photography post, but being a car guy, something cool I wanted to share. I had a chance to see this beauty debuted months ago at the Acura dealership conference in Las Vegas behind closed doors. It popped out on stage for just a few minutes to allow us to take […]

Greetings From Sundance Film Festival 2012


My video production company, 8112 Studios, was named the official delegation representing DC’s interests in filmmaking at Sundance by the DC government. Pretty big honor. Never thought I would officially represent the DC government for anything! Looking forward to an adventure-filled week. If you’re here and want to connect, hit us up!

Race Cars, Exotics, Adventure, And Florida


I was in Florida this past weekend for a few projects. One of which, was to take some shots of a client’s racing team while hanging out in the pits. It’s actually my first time doing such a thing, but I had fun. Here are a couple of snapshots from my time there. Love working […]

iPhone Photos From The Road – Ad Shoot In St. Louis

View from the 360 Club bar in downtown St. Louis. Great place to drink and edit after a long shoot day. Check out that view!

Back on the road I go! October had me home a lot filming local projects (including a couple of awesome music videos with the Red Epic-M). November has me back our across the country shooting print ads. It’s funny, I don’t feel like myself if I go too long from doing a job on the […]

A Reminder – Flying Home On September 11, 2011

A practically empty flight back home to DC, morning of September 11, 2011

I flew home to DC from Photoshop World 2011 in Vegas on a redeye the morning of September 11. It was eerily quiet at the airports. It was not as if people were staying home because they were frightened about a new attack on the anniversary of one of our nation’s most painful tragedies… it felt more […]

Going To Photoshop World September 7th to 9th 2011? Let’s Meet!


Going to Photoshop World in September (7-9) in Las Vegas? So am I! This will be my first time attending, but I am especially excited because I will also be going as a Kelby Trainer (my first workshop video should be up within the month on by the way). Keep an eye on my blog […]

Back Home From [Picture] Shooting Rampage Across the US… For A Few Days


Whew. Sorry for the slim blog posts. Been practically on the road doing shoots and ads across the country for the past 3 weeks (aside from 24 hour stops home to re-pack). Finally back in DC for a few days for a little R&R to nurse my wounds, catch up on edits, and do a […]

Filming Colorado And Wyoming Adventure – 2nd Half (iPhone Photo Recap)

A tearful goodbye to the rental car. I miss you already. We had some good times, Queen 2.0

Finally, here are some more iPhone photos from the last part of my road trip through Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota. Been playing a lot of catch up this week. Last week’s adventure was quite the trip. We put approximately 2300 miles on our Camaro rental car in the span of 7 days. Thats a […]

The Wyoming Stars – Road Trip Edition

web_MG_9272 copy

  Click to see full-size. No photoshop or multiple exposure here! Used my trusty iPhone 4 as a tripod for this 30 second exposure. 1600iso, f2.8, 30 second exposure, Canon 5D mk2, Canon 16-35 2.8 L set to 16mm. Caught this on the 14 hour drive from Southern Colorado to Northern Wyoming to documentary filming […]

The Camaro SS And The Brewing Storm


On my way back from visiting Devil’s Tower, which I’ll discuss on a future blog post when I share more road trip images, I saw this beautiful old white church against a stormy Wyoming sky. Image was captured with my Canon 5D Mark 2 and a 16-35 2.8L. I converted the photo to black and […]