The Unicorn Project

Announcing The Amazing Robocop Retouching Contest! Win Prizes!


The Contest As you may have seen on Fstoppers or on this blog, I did one of my dream shoots with an actor wearing an original style Robocop costume along with his replica of the OCP Robocop police Taurus. The Robo suit is actually made from original molds used to create the actual costume used […]

My Robocop Photoshoot – Behind The Scenes


I love the original Robocop film and my friends and I have obsessed about it for years. I’ve been extremely busy (thankfully) with photoshoots, but I always make sure to clear some time in my schedule to add to my “Unicorn Project” (a personal project dedicated to capturing movie and tv cars). This time I had the […]

Preview: My Photoshoot With The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty Movie Car


Lots of fun shoots going on these days! Just got back from photographing the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. This was one of 2 surviving screen used hero cars from the recent movie (not including stunt cars that were cut up or destroyed). I photographed the car as part of my ongoing photo series called The Unicorn […]

Like Movie Cars? Check Out Christine, My New Shoot

Setting up as the sun sets

The fruits of my Valentines Day labor! If you follow my various forms of social media, Christine here was my date for Valentines Day. This was a personal shoot as part of my ongoing movie and TV car photo series “The Unicorn Project”: This photo is a composite of multiple exposures from my Phase One […]

What My Last Two Weeks Have Been Like (Hint: zoom, vroom, brrrr, whoosh)


First of all, apologies for the few blog posts the past month. It has been a wild and diverse 2013 so far! In the past two weeks alone I shot a magazine cover in pittsburgh, taught photography to 250 people in DC (taught over 600 folks in the month of January), filmed a TV ad […]

My Mad Max Photoshoot With Full Behind The Scenes Video


A few months ago, I hit up my buddy Paul Miller, who is a movie director out of Southern California. Regular readers of my site may recognize Paul from my previous Mad Max Interceptor shoot. Paul told me that he is part of a group of folks that essentially constructs clothing, weapons, and even vehicles […]

Mad Max Photoshoot Teaser – Behind The Scenes Video Coming Soon


This is from a fun personal Max Mad inspired shoot I did a month or two back in the Mojave desert in California. I have a full behind the scenes video and more photos coming, but in the meantime, here are a few teasers for you. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Speed Racer Mach 5 Shoot Coming Very Soon


I’ve been teasing this shoot for a little while now. It’s almost time to release the full behind the scenes video and photo shoot! Stay tuned! Images shot on the Phase One IQ160.

Speed Racer Mach 5 – Photoshoot Video Trailer

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 3.18.04 PM

Nobody ever said I didn’t get to drive and photograph some cool cars I even got to drive this baby on the main road and document the experience. Can’t wait to reveal to everyone my final images! Stay tuned.

Photoshoot With Dominic’s Dodge Charger From Fast 5 (Fast And The Furious)


I blogged about this shoot a few weeks ago. Thanks to some long hours at the computer by myself and my retoucher, Justin, here we are. This image above is a combination of multiple exposures of the same shot. I essentially would have an assistant walk around the car and light it part by part. […]

Introduction: Fast And The Furious 4 & 5 Dodge Charger Photoshoot


I’m having serious fun roughly planning out the post production process on this shoot I did in Los Angeles last week with one of the actual 1970 Dodge Charger Vin Diesel drove in Fast and The Furious 4 and 5. You will also notice the brand new Chevy Caprice police cars, which I believe are not […]

Happy Halloween! My Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Photoshoot With Behind The Scenes Video


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and every year I try and do a themed photoshoot in its honor, like my zombie shoot last year. This year I headed down to southern Virginia to visit my friend that’s a movie/tv car collector along with 4 white-lighting strobes, a Roscoe fog machine, some color gels, a generator […]

Can you guess what secret shoot I was doing yesterday? I think you’ll enjoy it…


Expect a big post on this shoot by the end of the month. What a blast we had. Some pretty crazy photos came out of this set.

A Fun Short Video About What I Do

The past couple of months I have had a big influx of new readers so I thought I would update my little bio video and share with the new folks a little about what I do. It’s a compilation of a variety of my photoshoot / videoshoot adventures. Stay tuned! Some more fun shoots and […]

Happy 25th Anniversary Back To The Future Day!


On this day, 25 years ago, in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall, Marty McFly jumped into a DeLorean attempting to escape from terrorists, hit 88 mph, and blasted 30 years into the past. Happy Back to the Future Day! Event went to a special AMC movie theater showing of the digitally remastered 25th […]

Back To The Future Delorean Photoshoot – A First Look


First image to come out of retouching from my photoshoot with this Back To The Future Delorean. Expect a video and some other special stuff coming from this shoot. Stay tuned! Follow my regular updates and links on Twitter: Don’t forget to check out my website:

Made It To MSN Auto's "10 of the Quirkiest Vehicles on the Road"


This is a funny one. A friend posted this on my facebook wall. Apparently posted my photo of Daniel Deutsch’s Star Wars Skywalker Landspeeder  replica. Check out #8 HERE Follow my regular updates and links on Twitter:

The Great American Geektrip – Vegas to Orlando in a Turbocharged DeLorean & a Ghostbusters Truck


Starting September 27, 2009 I will be driving with friends from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida in a turbocharged DeLorean & a custom Ghostbusters Truck.  We will spread the trip over 5 days, stopping at key American landmarks. This is the roadtrip I always wanted to take as a kid! I will be posting […]

Mad Max Interceptor Replica Photoshoot


Did this photoshoot in Los Angeles earlier in May of Writer / Director (and Mad Max enthusiast) Paul Miller and his replica Mad Max Interceptor. You can check out Paul’s website: This shoot is part of a much larger photo series I have been working on called the Unicorn Project. That series is dedicated […]

Teaser…Something For You Movie Car Buffs Out There


A sneak peek from a shoot I just did in Los Angeles yesterday. Can you car movie buffs guess what this is? The “awesome” answer coming soon!

My automotive photoshoot with an original Dukes of Hazzard "General Lee" Dodge Charger


Last week I was in Southern California and photographed a real “General Lee” Dodge Charger from the original TV show Dukes of Hazzard as part of my ongoing personal photo series on movie & television vehicle collectors called “The Unicorn Project.” Stay tuned for more info, photos, and video from the Unicorn Project. In the […]

Fun in Southern California This Week!

Smoking the tires with one of the true original General Lees...

I’ve been in Souther Cali for a few days now shooting a wide variety of fun stuff. Everything from rock bands to movie and tv cars (see below for a few iphone previews pre-photoshoot). I have lots of exciting photos and video coming this week from the shoots out west. Loyal readers will be pleasantly […]

Cannonball Run Lamborghini Countach Photoshoot for Charity


Using the actual Lamborghini Countach from the original 1981 Cannonball Run movie, we created a poster to promote the Celebration Exotic Car Festival, an over the top car show created to raise money for the charity Make-A-Wish. The finished poster will be sold to the public and 100% of the profits will go to charity. Stay […]

Knight Rider Festival Las Vegas 2009 Photos & Video


Below are some photos from the March 20-21, 2009 Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas (Fremont Street). I had a chance to stop by for awhile to say hello to some of the people involved in my new movie/tv car photo series. Follow my regular updates and links on Twitter: