Got A 2 Page Fashion Spread In Nylon Magazine


That’s right. Mr. horsepower, robots, and explosions has a fashion spread in Nylon as part of the XOXO Fashion campaign I shot with Supermodel Lily Aldridge. Never thought I’d see the day! Fun thing to find at the airport.

My 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Photo On The Front Page Of


Cool! My Jeep Cherokee photo is’s main image! Kind of a dream come true! This was part of the campaign I shot in Jackson, Wyoming a few months ago for Jeep. Never thought it would make the front page! I think the beauty of Wyoming did half the work for me on this project […]

My Second Jeep Cherokee Print Ad Is Out!


Found this nice surprise on the newsstand this past weekend. Always wanted to be in Car And Driver! Shot this in Jackson Hole, Wyoming of the new redesigned Jeep Cherokee. Love how this came out and seeing it in print!

Preview: My New Panic At The Disco Alt Press Magazine Covers

Panic At The Disco

Last month I was in Las Vegas shooting a cover feature on Brendon Urie, the lead singer of the band Panic At The Disco. I’m so pleased with how the entire shoot panned out. I can’t show you all of the photos until the magazine is out next month, but here are a few approved […]

Catch My Work And Interview In Hong Kong-Based Photo Magazine


Photo Magazine in Honk Kong interviewed me while I was on my Phase One speaking tour through China. Looks like they profiled my work very prominently! I’m honored! It’s really exciting to be able to share my work with the literal other side of the planet. Now if someone would translate it for me! Haha.

Catch Some Of My Work On The Phase One Camera Website

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.26.09 PM

Phase One is featuring some of the new images I took with my new Phase One and IQ digital back. See more here and click my name under the “photographer” menu. It’s always really exciting to know that the makers of your camera system choose your work to help represent the abilities and greatness of […]

Gizmodo Just Called Me “The Luckiest Man Alive” And My Interview With Christina Hendricks

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 4.43.48 PM

  I’m really starting to enjoy this whole writing thing I’ve been doing recently. Never knew I would end up being a professional writer and celebrity interviewer, but here I am: A high school goof-off turned luckiest man alive. You know what? I am pretty darn lucky. Thanks to the Gizmodo and Gawker team for […]

3 Doors Down Greatest Hits Album – Check Out My Old Tour Photography!

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 12.31.43 AM

The new 3 Doors Down Greatest Hits album just came out and if you check out the booklet, you will see a bunch of my photos from when I used to tour with the band (such as the one above). iTunes: Amazon: Want to see more of my old rock and roll tour photography? You […]

My Ed Kowalczyk Album Cover Is Now Out!


Check out the album cover I shot for Ed Kowalczyk, formerly of the band Live, in Los Angeles this past summer. Ed’s new EP is available on iTunes now! (Ed K.) The Garden EP is available now on ITunes and in North America! For my international fans, you can head on over to my […]

My First Gallery Show In New York City

Speaking at the photography panel with the rest of the team

You may recall my post before about shooting supercars in Miami. Well, it all has concluded with a little gallery show in the SoHo part of New York City last week. Never have really had my work in an actual gallery show before, and it felt cool having people stop by and check out what […]

I Have Joined The Team

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 10.41.53 AM

I have joined the team officially. If you haven’t heard of it, its one of the most popular photography-focused behind the scenes video sites on the web. I’m one of their new contributing editors and hope to be sharing a lot of original content of my own. I hope to be shaking things up! […]

Catch Me On The Front Page Of Gizmodo – Golden Lamborghini Edition


Check it out! I’m on the front page of Gizmodo and a few other sites! Thanks Gawker team! Intel flew me to Miami made me a part of their new marketing campaign for the new Ultrabooks, giving me a chance to photograph and drive around around with some awesome cars. Make sure to check out […]

Awesome Motorcycle Club Photoshoot With Digital Medium Format – Pics And Video


I just did a promotion with Phase One and Nik Software to showcase the abilities of Phase One’s medium format camera system (I shoot with the Phase One IQ160 – 60 megapixel) as well as their amazing RAW processing software Capture One and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4. It’s pretty awesome to have the […]

Shooting A New Ad For Discovery Channel / Discovery Creative – Blood And Guts


This job came together pretty quickly, but was a fun one. I had a few days to rush order doctor’s uniforms and props, find an ambulance with portable stretcher, arrange a clothing stylist (Tara Papanicholas), a hair/makeup person (Stacie Snyder), and plan out the shot with the client. Everything had to be pre-approved with Discovery Channel so […]

My Photography Is On The Cover Of 4 Magazines This Month!


All four of these magazines can be found on newsstands this month (technically the Time cover is from last month, but may still be up there! ) I think this is certainly a first for me and a very exciting opportunity 1 magazine cover, let alone 4 in one month! Wow! Mom is going to […]

Photographing The New Cover For Popular Science Magazine: X-47B Prototype Unmanned Drone

I found my cover on the newsstands of Barnes & Noble today

I had the honor of shooting for the cover of Popular Science Magazine this month. My photoshoot with the X-47B drone prototype taken at a high security Naval facility and was dropped onto a carrier by an amazing 3D graphic artist,  Nick Kaloterakis. It is kind of awesome to do this for one of my favorite […]

Photoshoot: Thomas Dolby Is Blinded With Science On The Cover Of Distro Magazine


I did this shoot for Engadget’s Distro Magazine in New York City a month or so ago of singer Thomas Dolby. I only had about 20 minutes for this entire shoot due to the subject’s very tight schedule (he had a show that night). I had my lights pre-setup and ready to go by the […]

Thanks Adobe! Photoshop Showcased Me As One Of Their “Customer Successes”

Click to see larger version.

 —- Thank you to the folks over at Adobe, makers of the famous photography software, Photoshop! They showcased me as one of their “Customer Successes”. You can click the image below to see the posting on their page. It is always surreal to me when anyone feels the need to write about my work, let […]

New Magazine Cover Shoot – Corporate Counsel Magazine (Lighting Diagram Included)


This is another example of how you can do even a magazine cover shoot with only two lights! I did this with one gridded beauty dish main light (had a 30 degree grid) and a strobe with 7″ reflector and 40 degree grid hitting the wall behind my subject. I had to do this shoot […]

Boston Home Magazine – Proof My Old Personal Photoshoot Has Legs… Still


You may recall this old post, where I discussed how one of my personal photoshoots from 2008 has continued to be used in various forms even until this day. The shoot has seen various magazine spreads, covers, and even a museum display in New York City. Most recently, one of my Dava Newman / Biosuit portraits […]

“Little White Doves” By Dirty Vegas – My New Music Video Release


I shot this music video with the new Red Epic camera with my 8112 Studios co-founder, Nicholas Cambata right in Washington DC. It debuted a week ago and has over 100k views on youtube alone. Aiming for 1 million views

Crash Boom Bang VIP – My New Music Video Project


I’ll be honest. We did this with practically no budget. We spent every penny we had for this project and called in all sorts of favors to get it done. The guys of Crash Boom Bang are old friends of us boys at 8112 Studios (my video production company with my co-founder Nicholas Cambata) and […]

Photoshoot In Rolling Stone With The Group RDB


If you happen to be looking through the middle-east edition of Rolling Stone, you will catch my photoshoot with the group RDB, a Punjabi DJ production team, that I shot in Canada a little while back. I photographed this particular image in an alleyway behind a restaurant with a lot of graffiti. Really cool location. Kind […]

1967 Mustang Fastback Cover Shoot For Modified Mustangs – Hot To Pitch A Shoot And Get A Cover


Sure, as a photographer, most of would want to get hired to shoot a magazine cover. It’s great visibility for your work and shows that a magazine client has put great trust in you to represent the brand for their entire issue. In the case of this beautiful 1967 Fastback, built by my good friend […]