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Gizmodo Just Called Me “The Luckiest Man Alive” And My Interview With Christina Hendricks


I’m really starting to enjoy this whole writing thing I’ve been doing recently. Never knew I would end up being a professional writer and celebrity interviewer, but here I am: A high school goof-off turned luckiest man alive. You know what? I am pretty darn lucky. Thanks to the Gizmodo and Gawker team for the opportunity!


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Thanks Adobe! Photoshop Showcased Me As One Of Their “Customer Successes”



Thank you to the folks over at Adobe, makers of the famous photography software, Photoshop! They showcased me as one of their “Customer Successes”. You can click the image below to see the posting on their page. It is always surreal to me when anyone feels the need to write about my work, let alone the makers of the biggest photography editing program in the world! I just view myself as a monkey holding a camera. This is a fantastic piece and a great opportunity. Thanks for everyone’s support! I’m sure this happened in large part to my involvement with and starting to teach at Photoshop World this year. Big thanks to Scott Kelby and everyone over at Kelby Media!

On a side note, I have really enjoyed Adobe Photoshop CS6, and feel that it is a pretty big leap forward from the previous generation, CS5. I list some of the major improvements and upgrades in a previous blog post.



Catch My “Behind The Lens” Interview In The New Issue Of Light It Magazine

The new issue of Light It Magazine is out, where you can catch a video interview with me discussing my career and photography and lighting. “Light It: The How-To Magazine for Studio Lighting and Off-Camera Flash is the first digital photography lighting magazine made exclusively for the Apple iPad.” Check out my buddies, amazing photographers Erik Valind & Joey Wright, in the new issue of Light It Magazine as well. Hope you enjoy it.

For more information on Light It

Direct Link To iTunes To Download The Magazine App:

YouTube Direkt

Download My Free Bugatti Veyron Desktop Wallpaper Thanks To My Friends At Jalopnik

One of my favorite car blogs,, has featured my Bugatti Veyron photoshoot on their site and is offering one of my Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir photos up as a free desktop wallpaper (with my approval of course). Head on over to their website and you can download the wallpaper there!

Link to download the wallpaper on the Jalopnik site 

Read more about the original Bugatti photoshoot & see the behind the scenes video

Catch My Interview About Photography On The Nik Radio Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Scott Sheppard for Nik Software radio about my photography career and my philosophies on shooting. It was a nice opportunity to share my thoughts on the industry with the world. I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet myself, since I’m on the road. Hope you enjoy it!

You can download and listen to the approximately 30 minute interview HERE.

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 10.10.36 AM

Catch Me On The New Episode Of Kelby TV’s D-Town Photography Show Sharing Photo Tips

Catch me on the new episode of the DSLR photography show “D-Town” sharing photography tips & previewing my new Kelby Training online workshop, which will be coming out soon. Feel free to note that I keep on looking at the wrong camera and I look pretty rough after filming in the 100 degree Florida sun for 3 days, but I had a blast as always with RC.

You can go to the following link to see Episode 93 of the popular photography show D-Town with my buddy RC Concepcion. I appear about 3.5 minutes into the show, but you should check out the whole episode for all of the great photography information:

Episode 93: “In this episode: the relationship of the distance from the flash to the subject and from the subject to the background, and how adjusting that distance affects the background color, ad photographer Douglas Sonders about the importance of starting simple and building from there, some tips on software settings inside your DSLR, plus, the photography of Elia Locardi”