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This week I’ll be answering all of your industry-related questions over on Follow this link or click the image above!

Trying Out New Business Cards – Who Wants Me To Mail Them One?


My friend and designer Nicole Fallek tried out a new business card design for me. Spot uv, foil, blue sides. Who wants one? Email info[at]sondersphotography[dot]com with subject “ds business card” and your address and I’ll send you one.

The Challenges And Benefits Of Being A Traveling Professional Photographer


Recently, a young talented photographer that is on his way to a very promising career asked me about how I handled traveling so much. You see he was about to accept some projects that would take him away from home for an extended period of time and he was concerned about how he would take […]

Framed Awards – I’m A Finalist In The “Best Commercial Photographer” Category

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  I’m a finalist in the [F]ramed awards as one of the “best commercial photographers” Its a contest where you are nominated by other photographers from blank ballots. Thanks for those that nominated me! Vote for me if you feel I am deserving of it! You can go here to vote: Shout out to some […]

I Propose A Toast…


To the ones that said we couldn’t or wouldn’t… that we would fail To the heartbreaks and heartaches that took the air from our lungs and the ground beneath our feet To the odds against us To the days we didn’t want to get out of bed You fuel us to prove you wrong. To […]

A Wedding, Photography, And The 10 Year Itch (Not To Be Confused With Wedding Photography)


I’ll always remember how this feels. It’s a hot sticky Mississippi summer night and I’m accidentally and completely overdressed, wearing a suit and tie which feels more like a sauna inside than a fashion statement. Acoustic lyric-less renditions of class rock songs are playing quietly on the speakers in the background as I look down […]

Here It Is: 12 Career Tips For New And Emerging Photographers


  I get this email all the time. I’m a new/aspiring/struggling/young photographer and I want to know what advice you have for me? I literally get this email or tweet or facebook message daily. I suppose that’s what I get for teaching at conferences and offering whatever possibly wisdom that I can share publicly. For […]

Catch Me On Photography Show D-Town Ep 116 Sharing Photo Career Tips

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Awhile ago, I filmed a segment for the photography online show D-Town. You can see it in the video about about 10 minutes in. I talk about the huge importance of maintaining strong bonds with your fellow photography community. I also did a big blog post about this same subject here. Would love to hear […]

Loyalty – One Of The Biggest Keys To Career Longevity

On set of Kelby Training with my homie and retoucher Justin Paguia

Ok, so now you are probably thinking, Douglas, why are you being so philosophical these days about photography? Haha, ok so maybe I ask myself that, but really, this is one of those things that should be important to you. I felt inspired to write this after doing a fun magazine cover shoot in Manhattan […]

Key To Developing A Successful Freelance Photography Career – Keep Busy


I’m not going to pretend I am the richest photographer, or most successful, but I do pay my bills, get published regularly, and rather enjoy my career in photography and filmmaking. People often ask what is my big piece of advice for launching a career in professional photography that can sustain you full time. Well, […]

1967 Mustang Fastback Cover Shoot For Modified Mustangs – Hot To Pitch A Shoot And Get A Cover


Sure, as a photographer, most of would want to get hired to shoot a magazine cover. It’s great visibility for your work and shows that a magazine client has put great trust in you to represent the brand for their entire issue. In the case of this beautiful 1967 Fastback, built by my good friend […]

Do A Photo Walk With Me Around DC At The Next Photoshop World March 2012

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See your Photoshop World email this morning? They announced that you can have a chance to do a photo walk around DC with me during the next photoshop world in March, which takes place March 24-26, 2012. Happy to have the opportunity! I mean if youre going to do a photo walk around DC, might […]

End Of An Era – Penn Camera Declares Bankruptcy

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Penn Camera (Washington DC area based camera retail chain), the place I bought my first Canon Elan IIe SLR to start my career eons ago, just declared bankruptcy! Most stores will close immediately (the rest later). All photo finishing will cease. They will not honor gift certificates. I hear that even says their facebook page is […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – Important Video On Photography Marketing And Self-Promotion You Must See

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Photographer Chase Jarvis interviews Ramit Sethi, author of the book “I Will Tech You To Be Rich,” on his online show. It may be nearly 90 minutes long, but I found a lot of what Ramit had to say extremely inspiring and eye-opening, even for somewhat of a photo veteran like myself. Check it out! Have […]

How Twitter Found Me A 60 Foot Dragon – Power Of Social Media For Creatives…


I previously wrote an article about how Twitter has helped me as a photographer, but I had an interesting situation last week that made me want to talk a little more about the power of social media and how it has saved my butt once again. Let’s start with how crazy last week. I had […]

Video Trailer For My New Photography Class Is Out

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The trailer for my new class coming out December 12 is finally out. Check it out and spread the word. You can sign up on the site to see my first full video workshop. I discuss how to put together an advertising shoot all the way from pre-production, to shoot day, to the post-production […]

Catch My Interview About Photography On The Nik Radio Podcast


I was recently interviewed by Scott Sheppard for Nik Software radio about my photography career and my philosophies on shooting. It was a nice opportunity to share my thoughts on the industry with the world. I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet myself, since I’m on the road. Hope you enjoy it! You […]

Announcing My New Photography & Video Production Studio In Downtown Manhattan

2011_11_20_KWC_Casting_ 2219

Announcing my new studio in Manhattan located on West 27th by FIT campus in the Chelsea area. She’s a beautiful spot at around 1500 square feet with amazing available light (which can also be blocked out), full kitchen, wifi, freight elevator, in-addition to some really great raw space in the building. I look forward to […]

One Of My Old Photoshoots Still Has Legs… MIT / NASA Mars Biosuit Portrait


Thanks to a tip from my buddy Elliot O’Donovan today, I discovered that one of my photographs is making its rounds on the internet today after appearing in Wired. In about 12 hours, the image has nearly 3200 notes/reblogs on tumblr alone. Want to know the crazy part? I did this photoshoot 4 years ago. […]

Catch Me On The New Episode Of Kelby TV’s D-Town Photography Show Sharing Photo Tips

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Catch me on the new episode of the DSLR photography show “D-Town” sharing photography tips & previewing my new Kelby Training online workshop, which will be coming out soon. Feel free to note that I keep on looking at the wrong camera and I look pretty rough after filming in the 100 degree Florida sun […]

My Personal Take On Life As A Workaholic Traveling Commercial Photographer


I’m driving a beautiful triple-black Aston Martin DB9 V12 down a florida highway. Its nose so long that the sun striking it practically blinds me. AC/DC is blasting on the radio and the car’s 12 cylinders roar at the slightest touch to the throttle. One client has loaned me his beautiful British exotic so I […]

New Douglas Sonders Photography Facebook Page

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Decided to keep my personal Facebook page more… personal, so I just put together a Facebook Page for those that want to follow my updates and interact with my more regularly. I’ll post new work, fun links, and of course, announce photographer/creative meet-ups in different parts of the country. Just trying to be accessible to […]

Light It Magazine – A Great New Photography Lighting Magazine Exclusively For The iPad By Kelby Media


The Kelby Media Group folks behind publications like Photoshop User Magazine and Layers Magazine have launched a new Photography magazine that has launched exclusively on the iPad. Since I have been working for the Kelby team as a trainer and I am even interviewed and featured in one of the upcoming issues of Light It […]

My Article On The Adorama Learning Center Site : Filming Viral Music Videos On DSLR Cameras

Music video screen grab. My video production company is called 8112 Studios

Around last week, the camera retailer Adorama contacted me to write an article for their Learning Center website. In honor of the upcoming MTV Music Awards, they wanted an article on my experience making music videos with Digital SLR’s. In my article “How I Made A Viral Music Video,” I go through the process of […]