The Challenges And Benefits Of Being A Traveling Professional Photographer


Recently, a young talented photographer that is on his way to a very promising career asked me about how I handled traveling so much. You see he was about to accept some projects that would take him away from home for an extended period of time and he was concerned about how he would take […]

My Robocop Photoshoot – Behind The Scenes


I love the original Robocop film and my friends and I have obsessed about it for years. I’ve been extremely busy (thankfully) with photoshoots, but I always make sure to clear some time in my schedule to add to my “Unicorn Project” (a personal project dedicated to capturing movie and tv cars). This time I had the […]

Luchador Portrait Series With The 60 Megapixel Phase One IQ160


Few months ago, I did this fun portrait series of luchador fighters from the Chikara Pro Wrestling League. I brought a red fabric backdrop to their gym and spent the afternoon taking photos. Lighting was accomplished with a beauty dish overhead, an Alien Bees ring flash I laid on the ground for fill light (you […]

My Camera Maker, Phase One, Loves Me (Birthday Edition)!


Over the weekend, I turned another year older. Hard to imagine, but despite my antics, I have survived to live another year. Coincidentally, the Phase One worldwide team was in town here in Washington DC as well as the US distributor and retailer of digital format systems, Digital Transitions (they sold me my Phase One […]

My New Photography Website Is Up – Faster, Easier, And New Content

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 12.11.38 AM

To those familiar with my portfolio website, my new site design may look similar but it has been greatly improved under the hood. It will load MUCH faster, its easier to view on mobile devices, the design is streamlined, and I’ve added some fun new content. For example: Check out our new filmmaking reel: CLICK HERE […]

Valentines Day Bum You Out? Let Me Help!


If you direct msg me your address, I promise Emma (my pitbull rescue) and I will mail you 1 of these valentines & my business card. I normally rebel against Valentines Day, but I mean come on, puppies and kittens? I couldn’t help it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a dudette, this is […]

My Mad Max Photoshoot With Full Behind The Scenes Video


A few months ago, I hit up my buddy Paul Miller, who is a movie director out of Southern California. Regular readers of my site may recognize Paul from my previous Mad Max Interceptor shoot. Paul told me that he is part of a group of folks that essentially constructs clothing, weapons, and even vehicles […]

Framed Awards – I’m A Finalist In The “Best Commercial Photographer” Category

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 12.11.40 PM

  I’m a finalist in the [F]ramed awards as one of the “best commercial photographers” Its a contest where you are nominated by other photographers from blank ballots. Thanks for those that nominated me! Vote for me if you feel I am deserving of it! You can go here to vote: Shout out to some […]

Mad Max Photoshoot Teaser – Behind The Scenes Video Coming Soon


This is from a fun personal Max Mad inspired shoot I did a month or two back in the Mojave desert in California. I have a full behind the scenes video and more photos coming, but in the meantime, here are a few teasers for you. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Advocating “Bully Breed” Dog Rescue Through My New Portrait Series

Click the photo to read the article.

In the December 2012 issue of Washingtonian Magazine, my first printed professional writing piece. I’m becoming a bully breed advocate by doing a portrait series on people that have rescued bully breeds (not just Pit Bulls). I intend to have the series widely published. Spread the word and get involved. This is something near and […]

My First Gallery Show In New York City

Speaking at the photography panel with the rest of the team

You may recall my post before about shooting supercars in Miami. Well, it all has concluded with a little gallery show in the SoHo part of New York City last week. Never have really had my work in an actual gallery show before, and it felt cool having people stop by and check out what […]

Fitness For Your Photography And Your Life – A Call Out To The Community


About 6 months ago, I hit a wall. I’ll be honest, work was overwhelming and my personal life was a mess. Running two companies (the photography and my production company 8112 Studios) takes a toll on your mind and body, not to mention flying about 100k miles a year on assignments. In a sense, I was […]

Developing A Personal Series To Help Change The Stigma On Bully Breeds


Emma, my lovable rescue Pitt mix, and I had to have our portaits taken for an upcoming magazine article on dog rescue, which will be coming out soon. I’m developing a personal photo series to hopefully help change the stigma on bully breeds and to promote dog rescue/adoption. Stay tuned for more information on this. […]

So Much To Update – Mach 5 Speed Racer / Star Wars / Luchador Edition


Oh man, I have so much to update you guys on. Yes, I know I have to announce the winners of the Jumping Joe contest! So many entries and I’m waiting to hear back input from the folks at Nik to help me decide. Thanks for your patience! I was featured in a big photo […]

Awesome Motorcycle Club Photoshoot With Digital Medium Format – Pics And Video


I just did a promotion with Phase One and Nik Software to showcase the abilities of Phase One’s medium format camera system (I shoot with the Phase One IQ160 – 60 megapixel) as well as their amazing RAW processing software Capture One and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4. It’s pretty awesome to have the […]

New Family Member – Emma The Dog


Regular readers of my blog will probably recall that my beloved Boxer, Winston Churchill, passed away last year due to an agressive growth on his spine. I had him since he was a puppy, for about 9 years. I recently decided to try the dog parenting thing again, so I headed to a couple of […]

I Propose A Toast…


To the ones that said we couldn’t or wouldn’t… that we would fail To the heartbreaks and heartaches that took the air from our lungs and the ground beneath our feet To the odds against us To the days we didn’t want to get out of bed You fuel us to prove you wrong. To […]

A Wedding, Photography, And The 10 Year Itch (Not To Be Confused With Wedding Photography)


I’ll always remember how this feels. It’s a hot sticky Mississippi summer night and I’m accidentally and completely overdressed, wearing a suit and tie which feels more like a sauna inside than a fashion statement. Acoustic lyric-less renditions of class rock songs are playing quietly on the speakers in the background as I look down […]

Golden Aventador + Roaring Cobra + R8 GT Sunset = Miami Adventure


Just came back from another really fun shoot in Miami. This has been a fantastic summer for photography and video for me and I’m extremely thankful. Here are just some behind the scenes iPhone photos. Lot of editing ahead of me! Ill share the final images and the project details when I am able. Man […]

Found Two Of The First Photos I Have Ever Taken

Scan 3

For your enjoyment: 2 of the first photos I had ever taken. I was around 7 years old with my trusty Polaroid 600. Found this in an old photo album. I actually remember taking these photos in 1987 and 1988. The left was a photo of my favorite t-shirt, an illustration of a Porsche 928, […]

New Phase One IQ160 Test Shoot – Pretty Girl In The Spooky Woods

Click to see larger

Did another quick shoot in the Virginia woods with the 60 megapixel Phase One IQ160. Practiced shooting shallow depth of field with the camera, which is a challenge getting the right things in focus, especially when the sun is setting. Would have definitely helped shooting tethered with Capture One to check my focus in careful […]

So I Took Some Time Off For The Holiday… And Now I Am Back!

Photo of the Phase One IQ160 along with me on holiday. Image captured by my iPhone with Nik Software's Snapseed App

I know I have been a little thin on the blog posts. I’ve been working like a crazy person all over the United States the past month or two shooting tv ads, billboard ads, and magazine covers. Good for business but hard on my sleep schedule. Never fear, I am back and well-rested and ready […]

The Night I Met Friends To Catch Up And Ended Up With A Tattoo


The night started off harmlessly enough. I was in LA for a few days to cover the E3 gaming conference and a couple of portrait shoots. As I do every visit to Los Angeles, I meet up with friends at my favorite watering hole, Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood. It’s a chill bar known for […]

Erik Almas Reminded Me To Stop Photographing Junk


APA DC hosted commercial photographer Erik Almas to speak about his lighting, shooting, and retouching styles this week. I was very thankful to have the time to attend for a variety of reasons. No matter where you may or may not be in your career, it is crucial to take the time to learn from […]