Lighting Setup

I Never Thought It Would Be Possible To Love A Light Stand Like This: Manfrotto 1004BAC


Regular followers of my blog and various forms of social media already know I travel a LOT for shoots. We are talking over 100k miles and thousands spent in baggage fees a year! Thus, a streamlined effective travel kit loaded with gear that doesn’t waste space or weight is crucial for me. I’ve been spending […]

Can You Power a Profoto D1 Air With A Vagabond Mini Battery Pack? (Video)


I recently started upgrading my Paul C Buff White Lightning flash heads with the Profoto D1 Air mono-flash heads. Being an on-location portrait photographer, easy power sources are very important to me. Sometimes I will land in a city and will need to go right to right to set and picking up a generator isn’t […]

Photoshoot with UK Pop Star Conor Maynard With Lighting Diagram


I had a quick shoot in New York City last week with the young star from the UK. He debuted his album in America just a few days ago. This setup was pretty simple. The backdrop is real and not a drop-in. Only had a total of 15 minutes or so for a 3 setups, […]

My Next Studio / Flash Lighting Workshop Is Coming To DC This Saturday


Shoot a lot of natural light photos but want to know how to effectively shoot with off-camera flashes like the big dogs without breaking the bank? I’ll show you that you do not need a lot of expensive gear to create some of the most dynamic photos you have ever captured. Learn more CLICK HERE

Motorcycle Portrait Of Fire – Introduction


Want to know how I did this photoshoot and see more from it? Stay tuned for the behind the scenes video and photos coming very soon. I think you will definitely like this one.

“Corporate Fallout” – Photoshoot Behind The Scenes & Lighting Diagram

Click to see full-sized

Above is an image from another personal shoot I did just for my portfolio. It is merely a single shot image. No drop-ins or composite here! My subject is a Parkour athlete that essentially did a backflip off the wall. Not an easy feat in dress shoes!! The lighting was simple as you well see […]

New Magazine Cover Shoot – Corporate Counsel Magazine (Lighting Diagram Included)


This is another example of how you can do even a magazine cover shoot with only two lights! I did this with one gridded beauty dish main light (had a 30 degree grid) and a strobe with 7″ reflector and 40 degree grid hitting the wall behind my subject. I had to do this shoot […]

Behind The Scenes With My Corey Barker Action Shoot


Teaser from a fun personal shoot I did with my friend/retoucher/fellow Kelby instructor Corey Barker during the Photoshop World DC pre-con last week. I hope this teaser gets you as excited to see more! This is just a small taste. Behind the scenes video, more edited photos, lighting and diagrams are coming soon. Just stay tuned.

Have You Seen Molly? [Our Music Video Teaser]

Madonna just tweeted this photo. You better believe I am very excited to release the music video we did for this song now.

Below is a teaser for the music video 8112 Studios (my video production company) co-founder Nicholas Cambata and I shot recently with the Red Scarlet for a song by the artist Cedric Gervais. The final video looks crazy. Can’t wait to release it. Have you seen Molly? Apparently Madonna went on stage this past weekend and asked “has anyone […]

Catch More Of My Photo Tips on The Photography Show DTown Episode 100

Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 11.02.37 PM

I share some lighting tips on the 100th episode of the online photography show, D-Town. I discuss using soft boxes to create dynamic looking people portraits. I start showing up around 4:55. Check it out!

Video Trailer For My New Photography Class Is Out

Screen shot 2011-12-05 at 8.01.15 AM

The trailer for my new class coming out December 12 is finally out. Check it out and spread the word. You can sign up on the site to see my first full video workshop. I discuss how to put together an advertising shoot all the way from pre-production, to shoot day, to the post-production […]

Editing A Jeep Photo For A Print Advertisement [Time Lapse] And Lighting Diagram

I will probably submit an alternate version with punchier clouds and a little more contrast. I essentially accomplish this by using Nik Software Viveza 2 on the final "after" file. See below to see my Viveza settings to create this alternate version.

Here is a quick 40 second video showing all the little elements I touch up before an ad. In this case, I am working on an images of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee  This was not a particularly complicated edit, but you can see a little bit of the process I go into, nonetheless. The […]

Happy Halloween! My Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Photoshoot With Behind The Scenes Video


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and every year I try and do a themed photoshoot in its honor, like my zombie shoot last year. This year I headed down to southern Virginia to visit my friend that’s a movie/tv car collector along with 4 white-lighting strobes, a Roscoe fog machine, some color gels, a generator […]

Catch Me On The New Episode Of Kelby TV’s D-Town Photography Show Sharing Photo Tips

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 10.10.36 AM

Catch me on the new episode of the DSLR photography show “D-Town” sharing photography tips & previewing my new Kelby Training online workshop, which will be coming out soon. Feel free to note that I keep on looking at the wrong camera and I look pretty rough after filming in the 100 degree Florida sun […]

Photoshoot With A Beautiful Matte Black Mercedes Benz SL65 Black Series – Behind The Scenes

Click image to see full-sized

A few of images from Sunday’s photoshoot with a beautiful Matte SL65 Black Edition. The Black Edition is a limited run twin-turbocharged V12 612 horsepower monster. This car is #1 of only 175 made by Mercedes and AMG apparently. The car was modified (matte wrap, stereo, etc) by Designo Motoring. Thanks to Nik Software Silver […]

Photoshoot With Lady Antebellum Using The Ferrari Edition Hasselblad H4D


Had a recent photoshoot with the talented top 40 trio, Lady Antebellum. This was another one of those quick shoots where I only had 10-15 minutes to do a couple of setups due to their tight schedule. The band and their crew was EXTREMELY nice and pleasant to work with. I opted to go natural/environmental […]

Bugatti x 2 : Behind The Scenes Video Of My Crazy Fun Automotive Photoshoot


You may recall my original blog post on this fun supercar photoshoot I did in Florida (if you haven’t seen it you should check it out first). I had the pleasure to be hired to shoot an amazing car collection, which included 2 ultra-rare special Bugatti Veyrons. For example, the silver Bugatti, as you will watch, […]

Light It Magazine – A Great New Photography Lighting Magazine Exclusively For The iPad By Kelby Media


The Kelby Media Group folks behind publications like Photoshop User Magazine and Layers Magazine have launched a new Photography magazine that has launched exclusively on the iPad. Since I have been working for the Kelby team as a trainer and I am even interviewed and featured in one of the upcoming issues of Light It […]

My Blink 182 Alt Press Magazine Covers Revealed And Behind The Scenes Video

Click to see larger. Buy on newsstands September 6, 2011.

  Alt Press Magazine released my 4 special edition covers from my Los Angeles photoshoot with Blink 182 this week. You can check out Alt Press issue #279 when it goes on sale September 6, 2011. Wait until you see what I shot for the inside of the magazine! I have loved shooting for Alt […]

I May Be Turning Into A Black And White Portrait Guy – Beard Photography Part 2


So far I have been really pleased with how my beard / facial hair series has been going. To be honest, it’s more about character and personality than the facial hair alone. I mean just look at these faces! The look in their eyes. I have created my own workflow with my Nik Software plugins (Viveza […]

Preview Of New Automotive Photography Work – Ferrari And Bugatti Cornucopia! (Love My Job Edition)

This is part of the career perks... evening loaner vehicle: Audi R8 V10 Spyder

I’ve had some client work recently that has allowed me to photograph some really beautiful and rare vehicles. I filmed some extensive behind the scenes from this particular shoot, which I will posting soon, but as I work on a new automotive portfolio for my website with a lot of new content, I just wanted […]

Crash Boom Bang – “These Wild Things” Album Cover… Even The Dog Parties

Another unedited outtake. Location 2: "bed"

Had a fun photoshoot with my old friends in the band Crash Boom Bang for the cover of their upcoming album “These Wild Things” a month or so back. Ended up having the shoot at my apartment one night with a bunch of fun beautiful people. This is one of those days where you have […]

My Advertising Photoshoot For Ford Motor Company – Ford Focus In Los Angeles

Shooting the vehicle sans-windshield for the portrait in the car.

Few months ago I shot a Ford Focus advertising campaign in the Los Angeles area. The layouts have finally debut and wanted to share them with you here. It was a fun challenge trying to yield the SAME reaction out of both the adult and child actors. I was given very short amounts of time to […]

My Portrait Session At The US State Department For Fast Company Magazine

Pulling the curtain back - Used a single beauty dish with white lightning x3200 30 degree grid on a battery pack. Mixing available light and a single strobed source was all that was needed to make this image.

Recently did a editorial portrait of Alec Ross (Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) for Fast Company Magazine for their May 2011 issue. The cool location was at the U.S. State Department. This was another portrait that had to be done very quickly, but nothing I’m not used to. Only had approximately […]