Advocating “Bully Breed” Dog Rescue Through My New Portrait Series

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In the December 2012 issue of Washingtonian Magazine, my first printed professional writing piece. I’m becoming a bully breed advocate by doing a portrait series on people that have rescued bully breeds (not just Pit Bulls). I intend to have the series widely published. Spread the word and get involved. This is something near and […]

Photographers – Take Better Care Of Yourselves – Part 1 Travel Edition


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of us photographer and filmmakers taking better care of our bodies and our minds as well as my personal journey. We push ourselves entirely too hard, especially those of us that travel for shoots. Therefore, I’ve started asking friends that are REAL fitness experts, unlike […]

I Propose A Toast…


To the ones that said we couldn’t or wouldn’t… that we would fail To the heartbreaks and heartaches that took the air from our lungs and the ground beneath our feet To the odds against us To the days we didn’t want to get out of bed You fuel us to prove you wrong. To […]

Key To Developing A Successful Freelance Photography Career – Keep Busy


I’m not going to pretend I am the richest photographer, or most successful, but I do pay my bills, get published regularly, and rather enjoy my career in photography and filmmaking. People often ask what is my big piece of advice for launching a career in professional photography that can sustain you full time. Well, […]