My Review Of The Phase One IQ250 Medium Format CMOS Back


Camera and software maker Phase One let me have/demo/test the brand new groundbreaking CMOS 50 megapixel digital medium format back for a couple of weeks. You can check out all of my thoughts and impressions as well as test images over on

Need An Indestructible Lighting Case That’s Lighter Than The Competition? The Pelican iM2950


When you travel on assignment over 100k miles a year like I do, you start to learn the importance of durable cases for your gear and slimming down on weight to save on baggage fees. For years I have been flying around with the Pelican 1650 to protect my flashes. I had it so fine-tuned […]

The DSLR Camera To Buy For Your Aspiring Photographer This Holiday Season : Canon SL1


Every year, as the holiday season comes around, people will email and message me asking what to buy themselves or a loved one to start or expand upon their love for photography. A camera that offers interchangeable lenses, easy to use, good quality, compact, reliable, and can be had for under $1000 with a lens. […]

Can You Power a Profoto D1 Air With A Vagabond Mini Battery Pack? (Video)


I recently started upgrading my Paul C Buff White Lightning flash heads with the Profoto D1 Air mono-flash heads. Being an on-location portrait photographer, easy power sources are very important to me. Sometimes I will land in a city and will need to go right to right to set and picking up a generator isn’t […]

Capture One Express 7 Announced – Phase One’s Affordable Raw Processing Software For Under $100


  Phase One announced their new Capture One Express 7 raw image processing software today and it’s free to try for 60 days and only $99 to buy! Express 7 is actually a streamlined version of their advanced Capture One Pro 7 software, which is what I personally use, focusing primarily on RAW processing. Also, I’m […]

Like Shooting Tethered? Check Out Some Of These Awesome Products From Tethered Tools


  If you haven’t heard of yet, well… you have now. Tethered Tools makes a wide range of fantastic products to make your tethered shooting go more smoothly. They are your one stop shop for all of your tethered shooting gear needs including software… but you do have to provide the camera and computer. […]

My Crazy New Customizable Camera Strap By Vulture Equipment Works


The American-based company Vulture Equipment Works hooked me up wish a crazy new camera strap for my Phase One, although it works on essentially any camera. Sure, it may appear bulky to some, but so did another “Made in America” product, the 1967 Pontiac GTO. Also, the hooks, straps and quick-releases all have a functional […]

What’s In My Travel Commercial Photography Camera Bag – 2014 Edition


A lot of people message and ask what I use on the road, considering I am constantly on the road travelling for shoots. I hope this answers your questions. I provided hotlinks throughout the list in case you wanted to pickup any of this out for yourself. Feel free to message/comment with any questions you may […]

New Release: Capture One Pro 7 – The Professional Choice in Imaging Software

Check it out! My Lamborghini image on the Capture One Pro 7 box!

I’m excited to finally announce the new Phase One Capture One Pro 7 raw processing software. I’ve been working behind the scenes for months on helping with the product release. This new generation Capture One is a leap forward with its brand new image processing engine and catalog organization system among other improvements. If you’re […]

Camera Porn At Our Office – Red And Phase One


Our new Red Scarlet cinema camera (click here to learn more about the scarlet) meets the Phase One IQ160 60 megapixel medium format. Things are steaming up at our office! Woo hoo! We hope to buy some Zeiss glass in the coming months Looking forward to creating some more ultra high resolution photos and videos. […]

Learning To Fly – Fun With A Trampoline And The Phase One IQ160


I took the day yesterday to do a personal shoot. We had a beautiful, but hot, day here in the Washington DC area. Some friends came together to help with the shoot. Shooting with a digital medium format, the Phase One IQ160, is pretty awesome. You can see in the image above, the incredible depth […]

60 Megapixels Of Glory – Shooting With The Phase One IQ160


I am excited and proud to announce I have a new partnership with the makers of one of the finest digital camera systems and capture software in the world, Phase One, and my favorite photography plug-ins by Nik Software. Digital Transitions and Phase One have provided me with a brand new Phase One body with […]

My Custom Bomber-Inspired iPad 3 Case [Preview]


A small preview of one of my new built from scratch bomber-inspired ipad3 housings. It was built to be used strictly for photo/video-taking for a new special and very exciting ad campaign I have coming up with Nik Software. It first saw light at my birthday party the other night (see below). That’s all I […]

Ona Bags “Camps Bay” – Luxurious DSLR Camera And Laptop Backpack (Video Review)

Photo provided by Ona

You may recall the previous review I did of the ONA Union Street shoulder camera bag that I love so much. Here is one of ONA’s newest bags, the Camps Bay backpack. I’ve had it a month or two and really have had a good opportunity to test it out. Now here are the important stats to […]

The $50 Follow-Focus Is Real And It’s Spectacular


The $50 follow focus. A really cool product and another kickstarter success story raising over $100k, 10 times more than their goal and they still have 2 days left on their fundraising effort! I may have to order one or two of these for my production company, 8112 Studios. This is one of those things […]

The Photography Gift Guide 2011


Here we are again! It’s the time of year friends coming out of the woodwork asking what to get for their photography-loving husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/sister/brother etc…  So I have put together the ultimate 2011 photography gadget gift guide for your very own photo geek. – ONA Waxed Canvas “Camps Bay” Laptop & Camera Bag: I mentioned ONA products […]

Fun Retouching Contest! Win “Perfect Photo Suite 6″ By OnOne Software


The time has come again kids for another fun retouching contest. You may recall my last couple of contests (here & here). This one I am holding in honor of my beloved Boxer, Winston Churchill, who I had to put to sleep on Halloween this year. I wanted to honor my little guy by using […]

Video Showcasing The Features Of The New Canon 1DX Camera Body


Here is a video starring Canon’s product specialist Chuck Westfall. He goes through the features of Canon’s new flagship camera which essentially replaces the 1D and 1Ds bodies Spring of 2012 at a price of $6800. Sure that may be a lot, but it beats the original price of the 1Ds body it replaces of […]

Monday Moment Of Zen – Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 4.40.24 PM

Incredible. Throw this ball in the air and it takes a true 360 degree panoramic image with its multiple cameras. Oh man, the things I would do with this cool ball camera! We present the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera which captures a full spherical panorama when thrown into the air. At the peak of its […]

About To Shoot A Dirty Vegas Music Video With This : Red Epic-M

Going over the gear with my 8112 Studios co-founder, Nicholas Cambata

About to start filming a music video with the new Red Epic M. 5k lines of beautiful resolution and up to 18 stops of dynamic range. I am very excited to shoot this music video with this bad boy. It’s going to be 2 days of heavy production, but it will be worth it. Keep […]

Photoshoot With Lady Antebellum Using The Ferrari Edition Hasselblad H4D


Had a recent photoshoot with the talented top 40 trio, Lady Antebellum. This was another one of those quick shoots where I only had 10-15 minutes to do a couple of setups due to their tight schedule. The band and their crew was EXTREMELY nice and pleasant to work with. I opted to go natural/environmental […]

Trying Out The New Ferrari H4D On Set With Lady Antebellum


I’m shooting in 4 states this week: Florida, DC, NYC, and Montana. Yesterday I was in New York City to photograph portraits and performance of the popular band, Lady Antebellum. I will do a longer blog post about this in the next few days with some of the shots I captured and the behind the […]

I Am Going To Need Much Bigger Drives (40 Megapixel Medium Format Edition)

Ferrari H4D Unit # 09/499

Details to follow soon…

New iPad Photography Portfolio Case By Lost Luggage

iPad2 Case

Finally! A place to put my iPad when presenting my work to clients. Lost Luggage has debuted their new frosted clear iPad enclosure and felt sleeve. The ipad enclosure, not including the sleeve, is $195 and is etchable and printable if you want to put a name or custom logo on there. Sure, that may […]