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Douglas Sonders Cesar Millan Junior Emma

Meeting Cesar Millan And Spreading The Word On Pitbull Adoption Through “Not A Bully”

Douglas Sonders Cesar Millan Junior Emma

For those of you that are unfamiliar with what Not A Bully is: I have created a new dog portrait series dedicated to telling the story of rescued/adopted bully breed dogs (particularly Pitbull and Pit mixes) that suffered difficult early lives, but despite their early challenges have returned to the community as wonderful service animals, family dogs, therapy dogs, etc. I want to show the public with this portrait series that Pitbulls are not the inherently evil monster the media makes them out to be. Blame falls on the shoulders of bad humans, not bad dogs.

Thank you to Cesar Millan and Junior for visiting Emma & me & being part of my Not A Bully campaign ( – New Website Coming Soon) & involving us in your new Pitbull TV special! A proud career & life moment today. Also, thank you for the awesome shout out on the Cesar Millan Foundation page:

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Visiting DC Schools With My Rescued Pitbull, Emma


Emma, my rescued Pitbull mix, and I got to visit a 4th grade class at Hendley Elementary in SE Washington DC to teach the kids about dog rescue and that Pitbulls deserve love and care (and not meant to be fighters). I was so proud of Emma. She was a perfect lady and the kids did a great job asking her to do cool dog tricks for treats. We had a blast. Thank you for the great pics Mike Dugan! With the support of the Washington DC Humane Society, Emma and I will be touring more schools to spread the word!

My “Not A Bully” Dog Portrait Series Under Way!


If you haven’t already seen or heard from my various forms of social media, I am developing a new site (site is far from finished), which is dedicated to help defeat the negative stigmas that surround bully breed dogs such as Pitbulls. Pitbulls like my own rescue mix, Emma, that I adopted earlier this year (see below). There is a LOT of incredible stuff going on behind the scenes. Cannot wait to share. In the meantime, you can head over to and sign up to receive updates on the right side of the main page.

UnderbiteThis is how my Emma smiles
Underbite: This is how my Emma smiles

This past weekend I had a great group of rescue bully breed dogs in studio today to have their portraits taken for the Not A Bully campaign (studio space graciously donated by Charles Butler, who runs Union206 photography studio in Alexandria, VA, which is a great rental photo studio space I use often). I promise we will post photos when they are ready. Thanks to my volunteers that assisted and shot behind the scenes today: Fabiano ReaniAj LaGraveEmily AbrilHannah Yoest. Also, special note to my volunteer graphic designer Maggie Cameron for logo design and text layout. Amazing job.

Emma and Porter become close friends. Porter is a rescue that was found with a broken jaw, split tongue, and broken back legs after a man was discovered stomping on him on a city street. Despite all of this, Porter is sweet, gentle, and loving to all.