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Route 66 Road Trip In A 1971 Dodge Challenger

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Recently, I was in the Mojave Desert filming a music video project. The plot was centered around a road trip starring the musician and her friends. I cannot say much more than that, but I can say I had the opportunity to transport the vehicle between locations along historic Route 66. I mean, if you are going to road trip on one of America’s most amazing classic highways, a 1971 Challenger convertible with a 440 6-pack is definitely the way to do it. My heart raced and my skin tingled. The radio was broken, but I didn’t care. The exhaust was its own soundtrack. Although, if I were to do it again, I would have opted for some air conditioning. It was 110+ degrees most days, the car doesn’t have A/C, and that big block does put off a LOT of heat. I may or may not have suffered a bit of heat stroke on the first day. Haha.

Despite a little ol’ heat exhaustion, I was so thrilled to check this item off of my bucket list. The sound of that engine and the beautiful back desert highways with vestiges of the old American west was something that will never leave my memories.

Sadly, the car did not survive the journey. Just short of filming our final scene, the engine sputtered and died on old Route 40. It felt like a carburetor issue, but we had no time or proper tools to diagnose. Sadly, AAA had to be called and she had to be towed away so we could continue with filming. Although, you shouldn’t worry, the Challenger will live to fight another day.

Here are some iPhone photos from my journey. Don’t worry, we took some awesome footage with our Red Scarlet for the music video that I think you guys will enjoy. Stay tuned when it debuts!



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The Challenger after she died
The Challenger after she died

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  1. The last time I was in the Mojave and on Route 66, I was in the Marine Corps. I often think about the times I spent out there and the long drives and motorcycle rides. Though I never had the experience in a beautiful machine like this, these beautiful images do take me back. Thank you for sharing.

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