LL Cool J Photoshoot Behind The Scenes


Last week I had a photoshoot with rapper / actor LL Cool J. This was another fast session, only having about 10-15 minutes with the artist, but this is nothing new for me! LL was a true class act. Friendly and warm with  myself and the entire crew. It made my job very easy. Some of you may recognize the door location. I have a great corporate client that trusts me to shoot a lot of their celebrity projects. It’s been a great opportunity to meet some great talent!

For those of you curious about my setup on the shot above: I used a raised strobed large octobox with a fabric grid as the main light and a strobe with 7″ reflector and 40 degree grid on an even plane as a slight fill light on LL. Images were captured using my Phase One 645DF+ with IQ140 back and the 55mm and 75-150 Schneider leaf shutter lenses.



Behind the scenes by my buddy Erik Motta http://www.erikmotta.com/



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