Advocating “Bully Breed” Dog Rescue Through My New Portrait Series

My article in the December 2012 issue of the Washingtonian Magazine

In the December 2012 issue of Washingtonian Magazine, my first printed professional writing piece. I’m becoming a bully breed advocate by doing a portrait series on people that have rescued bully breeds (not just Pit Bulls). I intend to have the series widely published. Spread the word and get involved. This is something near and dear to my heart. I hope to not only promote dog/pet adoption, but also help negate the negative stigmas that society has for these inherently gentle dogs. Blame the human that teaches a dog to fight, and not the dog. My Pit Bull mix Emma, is probably one of the most gentle loving creatures you will ever meet, and she is the inspiration for this photo series.

If you have rescued a bully breed dog and want to help out or be a portrait subject in the series, please message me. The series is growing and evolving every day! I’m very excited by the possibilities.

Photo of Emma and me by Bobby Bruderle.

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6 thoughts on “Advocating “Bully Breed” Dog Rescue Through My New Portrait Series”

  1. Saw this on Facebook. I think it’s great that you’re doing something like this! I have 3 rescued pit bull mixes at home; they’re the best dogs!

  2. It is about time people realize that pitbulls are great dogs. I own a pitbull boxer mix and am very glad to have him in my life.Keep up the good work Douglas.

  3. This is great- thank you! We have 6 rescued dogs, one of whom is a pit bull/ boxer mix from a high kill gassing shelter. He is our most loving and gentle dog and is wonderful with our children. His name is Rocky, but we say he is just love. Pure, sweet love. <3

    Thank you for a great article! We live in NC so it's too bad he can't be a subject for you! :)

  4. “Thank you” for all you do to promote the “real” side to the bully breed. They truly are the most gentle creatures on earth. I am proud to say “My daughter is a PITBULL”

  5. I’m so glad to see the loving and gentle side of bully breeds being promoted. I have rescued two Rotweilers and they are the most loving and loyal dogs you could ever have. My son has a rescued pitbull and you couldn’t have a sweeter more behaved dog then him. We go up to the local sheltor and walk the dogs on weekends to get them out of their kennels for a while and it’s always the pitbulls that give the kisses and roll over for that belly rub…you have to love them..!!!

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