My Ed Kowalczyk Album Cover Is Now Out!

The distortion was caused by holding a magnifying glass in front of my camera’s lens and shooting through it

Check out the album cover I shot for Ed Kowalczyk, formerly of the band Live, in Los Angeles this past summer. Ed’s new EP is available on iTunes now!

(Ed K.) The Garden EP is available now on ITunes and Amazon.com in North America! For my international fans, you can head on over to my webstore and download it now! Here is the linkĀ https://edkowalczyk.com/store/garden-ep

One thought on “My Ed Kowalczyk Album Cover Is Now Out!”

  1. That is SUPER awesome! I did something like that recently where the only thing I could find at the shoot was a plastic clear drinking cup. It actually came out pretty sweet. It’s awesome to do stuff like that sometimes where you just have to live with what comes out of the camera. No Command Z for those shots! Great work. Love the textures too.

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