What’s In My Travel Commercial Photography Camera Bag – 2014 Edition

A lot of people message and ask what I use on the road, considering I am constantly on the road travelling for shoots. I hope this answers your questions. I provided hotlinks throughout the list in case you wanted to pickup any of this out for yourself. Feel free to message/comment with any questions you may have. I did a post like this awhile back, but since I’ve bought a bunch of new gear this year, here is an updated list of what I carry to most photo shoots in my Think Tank Aiport Security bag (the Airport Security is airplane carry-on legal size).


I also always travel with a separate laptop bag as my second carry-on. Here are some things I always have in there:
  • 15″ Mac Book Pro with 2 batteries
  • iPad3 (sometimes a second iPad as well) – I use this for wireless tethering/camera control, image review with clients, and watching movies and reading books (kindle app) during my constant travel. It also always has a copy of my portfolio downloaded to it if I want to show off my work to a new/old client.
  • Garmin GPS because I am in rental cars in strange places all of the time. I love my Nuvi 2555LMT because its compact, fast, lifetime map updates, and even has live traffic updates.
  • Wireless router – not for internet, but to create a dedicated on-set wireless network between my iPad, laptop, and cameras for tethering purposes thanks to Capture Pilot and Capture One software.
  • 2 sets of headphones – I always need one for when I run or use the hotel gym (always bring my running shoes) and I am always destroying or losing a pair.
  • 4G data card for my laptop, because being connected on the road is crucial
  • CF card reader
  • Various apple chargers for iPhone and iPad

Again, I hope this helps! Feel free to post questions.

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  1. Good post. I need to do one of these.

    On my laptop I’ve been creating a wireless network within the Mac OS. This lets me do wireless tethering from my 5d2 without an extra router.

  2. Those who love to do photography while travelling or aspire to become a photographer, for them this blog is quite informative. It is very important to have the right equipments for any photo shoot or any photography project

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