Awesome Motorcycle Club Photoshoot With Digital Medium Format – Pics And Video

I just did a promotion with Phase One and Nik Software to showcase the abilities of Phase One’s medium format camera system (I shoot with the Phase One IQ160 – 60 megapixel) as well as their amazing RAW processing software Capture One and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4. It’s pretty awesome to have the support and backing of 2 fantastic companies that really support the kind of images I like to create.

“Get the Best of Both Worlds
Used together, the two pieces of software give you the tools to bring out the best in your raw files and style your images for the perfect creative look. Use Capture One Pro 6’s raw processing engine to get the ultimate image quality and use the many photographic filters in Color Efex Pro 4 to get the creative look you want.
Save $149 on your purchase, and buy this great software bundle for $350. The offer is valid until September 2nd.
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Check out the 2 videos below. Part 1 is the actual shoot itself and part 2 is where I discuss my lighting and show part of my post production process.

I shot these with a 1.2k hot light par and a few strobes (as you will see in the video). I used fog machines to create a dramatic environment and to allow the beams of light to carry in the shot. I used mix light sources with different light temperatures to create a warm/cool effect in the photos.

Hope you enjoy!

Part 1:

vimeo Direkt

Part 2:

vimeo Direkt

Thanks to those that helped out!

Joe Cereghino (helped film and edit the videos), Mike Nelson (assisting), Israel Groveman (assisting and modeling), Garrick Boyd (assisting), Bubba’s East Coast Rods and Customs (location support), and the Boozefighters “Dirty City” chapter for lending their time and resources

6 thoughts on “Awesome Motorcycle Club Photoshoot With Digital Medium Format – Pics And Video”

  1. Fantastic post Doug. You’re killing it with all the info lately. I’m really tempted to check out Capture One. I’ve heard a few mixed things about it but mostly heard that it deals with colors and stuff really well. I want to do tethering mostly for work as I do a lot of large reflective product stuff and it would be great to see it pop up and be able to adjust things on the fly. I know you can do that in other programs but Phase One seems to have the best solution from what I can tell.

    Question: How well does it integrate with Photoshop? When you have to do further retouching do you just open the converted RAW and bring it in? Does it open in Adobe Camera RAW? I use Smart Objects all the time to go back and forth between Photshop and ACR to adjust settings. Is that still possible?

    Thanks for all the info. Love the results of that shoot!


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