My Photography Is On The Cover Of 4 Magazines This Month!

All four of these magazines can be found on newsstands this month (technically the Time cover is from last month, but may still be up there! :) ) I think this is certainly a first for me and a very exciting opportunity 1 magazine cover, let alone 4 in one month! Wow! Mom is going to be super proud for sure. Make sure to check out my John Wall cover feature in Dime Magazine, Chiodos in Alt Press Magazine (click link to see behind the scenes video), X-47B in Popular Science, and my shoot for Time Magazine’s 100 most influential.

Check out more of my photography on my portfolio website:

Doesn’t matter where you’re from or what they tell you. Anything is possible as long as you take that first step.

3 Responses to “My Photography Is On The Cover Of 4 Magazines This Month!”

  1. Román says:

    My most sincere congratulations. You’ve done an excellent work.

  2. Very nice! I received my copy of AP yesterday!

  3. [...] in the September issue of Alternative Press (#290 – also check out my old college buddy Douglas Sonders‘ awesome shot of Chiodos on the cover of the same issue) Cancel [...]

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