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New Phase One IQ160 Test Shoot – Pretty Girl In The Spooky Woods

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Did another quick shoot in the Virginia woods with the 60 megapixel Phase One IQ160. Practiced shooting shallow depth of field with the camera, which is a challenge getting the right things in focus, especially when the sun is setting. Would have definitely helped shooting tethered with Capture One to check my focus in careful detail, despite the cameras pretty sweet retna touch screen.

Shot these with a single White Lightning strobe and a large reflector for fill. Love how using a single light created such drama in the woods.

Color and black and white conversions were created with Nik Software plugins through Capture One software.

Hair/makeup/styling done by my friend Lauren Clark, who works at Immortal Beloved in DC. This is one of those shoots where my buddy Lauren and I just kind of threw something together last minute because we just wanted to do something fun and creative on our Sunday afternoons and Alex was a willing victim participant.

Model is Alex Miller of the DC area.

She looks like Supergirl from the 80’s film – click to see larger
Against a white barn wall. So crisp!
Setting up a single gridded beauty dish
Lauren Clark doing some grooming

We celebrated a successful shoot by taking part in national ice cream day at Ben & Jerry’s

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