Rock And Roll Reunion : 3 Doors Down And The Phase One

Im the little guy third from the left. Photo taken at the end of our promo photoshoot with the Phase One IQ160

Somewhere about 8-10 years ago, a rock band that was soaring in the charts hired me to be their tour photographer. No, it was not that easy. It’s a long story about how I convinced a magazine to hire me, then got the band to be in the magazine after doing some cold calls, and then convinced the band to hire me after doing the shoot. That rock band was 3 Doors Down. They helped me launch my career and became sort of a second family of big brothers to me. You can see some of my old tour photography with them on my website.

Recently I photographed the band in the Michigan area for their new press photos with the new Phase One IQ160 60 megapixel medium format camera. Above, I got to sneak in for a photo with my homies in our last setup of the day. I normally never/rarely take posed photos with my subjects. You can see the incredible depth in that shot. Having the capability of a faster flash sync speed, I was able to increase the shutter speed in place of using an ND filter to force the camera into a shallower depth of field f-stop setting.

Shoots like this make me miss my old rock and roll days, but the industry and my career are very different now. Although, its nice to do these shoots when I can! I’ll post the behind the scenes video and final edited photos when they are all done!

The band checking out the photos on the back of the Phase One’s class leading high resolution screen

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  1. Awesome shots of you and the guys! Really cool story of how they hired you too. I’m pretty excited they’re also judging the http://www.unsignedonly.com competition this year. Amazing opportunity for a band like them to hear my songs.. and the $10,000 prize wouldn’t be so bad either haha

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