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“Corporate Fallout” – Photoshoot Behind The Scenes & Lighting Diagram

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Above is an image from another personal shoot I did just for my portfolio. It is merely a single shot image. No drop-ins or composite here! My subject is a Parkour athlete that essentially did a backflip off the wall. Not an easy feat in dress shoes!!

The lighting was simple as you well see in the diagram below. I had a single large softbox for a fill light and a second White Lighting x3200 flash with 7″ silver reflector that I used as an edge light on the subject and also to create the shadow on the brick wall. By using a more directional un-diffused light (meaning no softbox) you can create a harder-edged shadow, which I really wanted. I also used 2 Paul C Buff Vagabond mini battery packs to power the strobes on location.

Shutter speed maxed out at 1/200. Anything faster and you would definitely notice dark bands from exceeding the camera’s flash sync speed too much. This shoot would have really¬†succeeded¬†if it was shot with a medium format digital, which has a much higher flash sync speed based on its shutter design. For now, though, it seemed to work out, but I want to do this again with the medium format.

The image was converted from color to black and white using Nik Software’s Photoshop plug-ins Viveza and Silver Efex Pro. I used the burn tool in photoshop CS6 to darken the shadow and give it a more moody appearance.

Behind the scenes photo by Jackie Garcia

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