My Custom Bomber-Inspired iPad 3 Case [Preview]

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A small preview of one of my new built from scratch bomber-inspired ipad3 housings. It was built to be used strictly for photo/video-taking for a new special and very exciting ad campaign I have coming up with Nik Software. It first saw light at my birthday party the other night (see below). That’s all I will say about it right now. You have to see it up close. Incredible. Amazing detail down to the bomber door, the hand grips, and the hand-painted bomber/photographer lady. It’s also plastic, so it is pretty light and feels great in my hands in portrait and landscape modes. Built by the AMAZING and AWESOME Tom Bostic.

PS. For those of you wondering what “8112” is… that stands for my video production company 8112 Studios.

It's first appearance in public. I have a new sentimental connection with my iPad now. I feel like I need to name her.

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