New Magazine Cover Shoot – Corporate Counsel Magazine (Lighting Diagram Included)

This is another example of how you can do even a magazine cover shoot with only two lights! I did this with one gridded beauty dish main light (had a 30 degree grid) and a strobe with 7″ reflector and 40 degree grid hitting the wall behind my subject. I had to do this shoot in the subject’s home, so I chose one of her walls which had this rich┬áburgundy┬ácolor and essentially created my own little studio in her home.

You can see in the light better in the snapshot below. You can see the shadow of the subject due to the high-placed main light angled down and the nice fall-off of shadow on the background due to a gridded light modifier. Hope this gives you guys some ideas!

Camera Settings:

Canon 5D Mk2, 1/125, f/13, ISO 200

Lighting diagram of the setup
Taken using a neutral density filter to force my aperture open for a shallower depth of field, while still being able to use flashes to overpower the ambient light

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