Have You Seen Molly? [Our Music Video Teaser]

Below is a teaser for the music video 8112 Studios (my video production company) co-founder Nicholas Cambata and I shot recently with the Red Scarlet for a song by the artist Cedric Gervais. The final video looks crazy. Can’t wait to release it. Have you seen Molly?

Apparently Madonna went on stage this past weekend and asked “has anyone seen Molly?” #Molly is also trending on twitter. Holy cow. Can’t wait until we are able to release this video!

Above is an image I shot for the song’s marketing campaign. Lighting was done with a single White Lightning x3200 with a 7″ reflector aimed right at the subject. Sure it’s a hard direct-lighting scenario, but we had incredible makeup and hair by Lauren Clark and Kerry Ann Durbin and a beautiful model, Jenna Dalton, that helped pull off this shot.

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Madonna just tweeted this photo. You better believe I am very excited to release the music video we did for this song now.

Below is Madonna asking, “has anyone seen Molly?” at Ultra Festival this past weekend about 45 seconds in:

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  1. Hi Douglas!

    That video look amazing!

    I looking forward to watch the video! and Madonna asking! hahah is unbelievable!

    Excellent work as usual! You are one of those photographers how really inspire!

    Keep going!


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