Crash Boom Bang VIP – My New Music Video Project

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I’ll be honest. We did this with practically no budget. We spent every penny we had for this project and called in all sorts of favors to get it done. The guys of Crash Boom Bang are old friends of us boys at 8112 Studios (my video production company with my co-founder Nicholas Cambata) and we always promised them we would help them with a video as soon as we were able and had time.

We did have a chance to shoot this with the Red Epic camera system and the footage looks super sharp and colorful. Anyway, check out the video, hope you guys enjoyed what a team can do when a million favors are called in. For example,Jeremy Geffens Malibu Music studi
AND all locations were donated and 90% of my crew was volunteer. Thank you to everyone that helped out!

Location 3. Surveying the framing and lighting.
Testing the lighting on our LED wall. We borrowed the nightclub District Underground in DC for this.

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