1967 Mustang Fastback Cover Shoot For Modified Mustangs – Hot To Pitch A Shoot And Get A Cover

Sure, as a photographer, most of would want to get hired to shoot a magazine cover. It’s great visibility for your work and shows that a magazine client has put great trust in you to represent the brand for their entire issue. In the case of this beautiful 1967 Fastback, built by my good friend Brian Dean of WheelsOnSite.com, I actually shot first and got the magazine cover later. You see, my friend Brian built this beautiful car and asked me to photograph it for him. In the process of prepping for the shoot, we discussed how it would be cool to get it in a Mustang or Ford Magazine. When I did the photos, I made sure to shoot for magazine layouts… horizontal shots, vertical, 2 page spreads, and even a cover option. At the very least, Brian and his client would have cool photos for themselves with this shooting format.

Following the photoshoot, I reached out to my old car magazine contacts and ask for the names/emails of the editors from some Mustang publications. I sent some of the lowres best photos out and ended up getting a couple of nice responses back. I spoke with the editor of Modified Mustangs and he loved the car and the photos. The next step was to provide the story. Brian and I already had a vehicle specifications sheet and a story angle (the fact that through a series of extreme incidents, it took nearly 6 years and over $200k to build this car if my memory serves me correctly… some thought the car may have even been cursed). All Steve, the editor, had to do was have a writer put the story together, buy the right to use my photos in the magazine, and he had himself a cover feature. Proof that you don’t have to wait for someone to hire you to shoot a magazine cover, you can sometimes create the opportunity for yourself!

Make sure to check the issue out on newsstands now.

A couple of White Lightning x3200's, and a vagabond 2 battery pack for the cover

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